The main thing in all of this? We trust each other and believe our friend

When he/she tells us that there are amazing clothes in our favorite store and that we absolutely must check them out! … by turning to more human communication The consumers now want to turn to real people who do not play the comedy to sell them products. Using an influencer for a brand allows them to target a specific audience . Indeed, as seen above, we know that most influencers are in a very specific field, the audience thus affected is a niche Namibia Phone Number List audience.Consumers which turns out to be more effective for the brand. She just has to go find the audience that suits her through the influencer. As they are present on social networks via influencers, brands also had to create their own accounts.

Thereby,consumers will tend to follow some of their favorite brands after hearing about their product from their favorite influencer . It’s a win-win, both for the brand and for the social media expert. – The first objective for a brand is obviously to create sympathy and generate confidence . They gain visibility through different channels but also credibility. – The second objective is to create commitment but also to make consumers want to come back and continue to consume its products. How much does it cost ? influencer marketing, a new business that pays a lot Traditional advertising is losing speed. Why ?

Mainly because of its intrusiveness in our lives

A traditional TV advertisement costs around € 30,000 (this price can rise sharply depending on the broadcast period). It is broadcast on targeted channels in order to reach the most precise audience possible. Add to that a poster campaign, the press and the radio, the price can go up very quickly. Thus, by using influencer marketing, brands can target their audience more precisely and “at a lower cost” . So they don’t need to communicate too widely, so they don’t need to call on too many influencers. The prices vary mainly according to the number of subscribers: For a micro-influencer , a brand will have to pay around € 200 and € 1,000 per post For a macro-influencer,

it is a contract between 1000 and 1500 € that will have to be signed For a mega-influencer , a brand will pay a minimum of € 1,500 per post. Brands can also collaborate with influencers and thus offer them a product in exchange for a story or a post . Which, of course, doesn’t cost a brand a lot of money. Even if traditional advertising will always have its place in communication, it is important to consider the world of influencers and the importance of their opinion in the choice of consumers. HOW HAS INFLUENCER MARKETING EVOLVED IN FIVE YEARS? However, there are several limits to influencer marketing, not only from brands but also from influencers.

Controversy upon controversy in the world of influencers

Several controversies have shaken up the world of influence, in particular that of the purchase of subscribers . Some influencers with great ideas don’t hesitate to buy subscribers who are in fact robots . Desperate for a simple number, they falsify the number of their subscribers to attract the attention of brands who think they have a larger audience . This method serves them enormously because it does not increase their engagement rate . Indeed, the fake subscribers are in fact robots. In pursuit of sincerity In addition, some influencers are sometimes accused of lacking authenticity . Collaboration after collaboration is not necessarily good for their image. In the collective imagination, an influencer who would speak very rarely about a product and would make rare collaborations would be more honest.

This is why we are seeing an increasingly growing importance of micro-influencers who have a higher engagement rate and who are therefore becoming more and more interesting for brands. What about brands? As for brands, the limit is measured by their excessive presence on social networks . Indeed, some brands do not hesitate to abuse influencers and offer their products to everyone, which means that your Instagram or YouTube feed is polluted by the same brand several times a day . On top of that, brands very often send pre-written speeches to influencers that they just have to read or copy.

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