For instance When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes official May 25, 2018, it’ll usher in a new era of data security and France Phone Number transparency. The measure is designed to give people control over their data while simplifying the legal environment for businesses around the world. If that overly simplistic definition isn’t France Phone Number enough, we have you covered. In this blog, you’ll learn the key GDPR terms marketers should be familiar with. Personal Data Personal data concerns any piece of information that personally identifies a consumer, either alone, or in combination with other data elements, including names, addresses, ID numbers, health info, racial or ethnic data, political views, sexual orientation, genetic data, and biometric data.

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IP address, cookie data, and RFID tags also fall under the umbrella of personal data. Pseudonymous France phone number data any piece. Of information that can be ti. Back to a specific individual is protecte under the gdpr. However, if that data doesn’t identify a person, or is anonymous, the regulation France Phone Number does not apply. The grey area here is with pseudonymous data. Pseudonymous data cannot be attribut to a specific data subject without additional information. It’s not directly identifiable nor is it anonymous. For example, encrypted data. Or data that has been de-identifie. If the custodian retains the means to relate it. Or decrypt it, may actually be pseudonymous.

Pseudonymous Data Isn’t France Phone Number

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Exempt from the gdpr, but marketing departments. That adopt the pseudonymization process. Will be better position for compliance. Right to Erasure How many times have you found incorrect or old France Phone Number information about you online. Also known as the right to be forgotten. This article is one of the more interesting. Progressive measures in the entire regulation. Between our various social profiles, email France Phone Number addresses, and applications we use, there’s a boatload of our personal data swirling, but much of it isn’t even correct. Right to erasure gives consumers the right to have this information removed at any time.

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