The Netflix Marketing Strategy: the Streaming Platform That Has It All!

The Netflix marketing strategy: the streaming platform that has it all! SMALL PUZZLESFEBRUARY 27, 2020 Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, Netflix was originally an online movie rental and purchase company. Today, the market leader, it is the largest video streaming platform world . It has more than 167 million paying subscribers , spread over nearly Colombia Phone Numbers List 190 countries, and offers unlimited access to several thousand films, series and documentaries. But the brand’s success is not only due to the large catalog of films and series it offers.

What also pleases is the Netflix marketing strategy and its offbeat, innovative, creative and daring communication. Close to its targets, Netflix has been able to revolutionize and stand out from its competitors through communication campaigns that are sometimes daring, but above all very effective. To help you decipher the strategy operated by the company, your digital communication agency reveals all the secrets of this revolutionary streaming platform!

Targets That Netflix Knows Perfectly Well

Young people Privileged target of Netflix, 15-24 year olds are the platform’s biggest consumers . And the least we can say is that the company understood it very well! A subscription price more than attractive (less than 10 € for the first subscription), a communication and a very well put together Netflix strategy and dozens of derivative products of all kinds. Netflix pampers its audience and it gives it back. According to a study by BrandIndex YouGov, the brand that young French people would say the most good about is none other than Netflix . The streaming platform has therefore succeeded in attracting students and young workers as it should. Families Another important target of Netflix’s marketing strategy: families with children .

Indeed, among its catalog, the platform offers films and cartoons especially for children . Netflix even offers a youth function allowing children to browse the platform safely and view only content appropriate to their ages. Parents also find their happiness, since Netflix offers them to see or re-watch the films of their youth from the 1980s, 1990s or 2000s. Uncover all the secrets of Netflix marketing strategy!

Netflix’s Communication: a Remarkably Well-crafted Strategy

But if Netflix pleases its audience so much, it is also and above all thanks to its communication! Our Netflix marketing analysis was mainly interested in three communication channels, which you will discover below! Social networks: how Netflix stays closer to its audience Who says young target, necessarily says social networks! Netflix has mastered the art of harnessing the social networks that appeal to its core target groups, namely Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And what appeals to its audience is the tone used by the brand. Netflix talks to its subscribers and followers as if it were talking to a friend , casually, without artifice and always with humor.

The Netflix marketing strategy involves a strong presence on social networks! The platform is also particularly good at “teasing” the arrival of its next films or its next series . Countdowns, videos or promotional visuals, Netflix knows how to make its community languish and make it even more addicted to its content. Finally, Netflix’s social media posts are always geared towards its audience, not the business. The brand wants to make sure that thanks to its platform, you have a good evening. She interacts a lot with her community and takes the time to respond to comments from her subscribers . Poster campaigns: be present in the daily life of your subscribers Another key element of Netflix’s marketing strategy: poster advertising campaigns in major cities and metropolises around the world.

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