The New Website of the Effective World Group

After nine months of intensive work, the entire effective world team is proud to announce the launch of its brand new website. Employees from all our subsidiaries spread over three continents worked together for the redesign of the site and we can now say that we are not only able to meet our own demand more adequately as a ‘global player’ but also to provide our customers with better service and to resolve emerging issues more effectively than Denmark WhatsApp Number List ever. To give you an idea of ​​the improvements on our new web interface, our Corporate Marketing Director gave us a brief interview. Interview: Yi Wu-Blumenschein, Corporate Marketing Director, effective world.

Mrs Wu-Blumenschein, why was the relaunch of the effective world website necessary and what goals did you want to achieve? As a company from Mannheim, our previous website was generally seen as too European or German. But since we operate globally, we have therefore decided to emphasize our international character on our website. On the other hand, the old site no longer met our own quality standards. For this new site, we have therefore concentrated our efforts on four main areas: A more international design of the site The use of an icon system Adaptation to several devices (Responsive Design)

A New Evaluation of the Content Presented on Our Site

What does a new international design mean to you? For us, effective world , this means an understandable international and intercultural presentation. To do this, under the supervision of our Shanghai based designer Miss Li Wenwei, our international team developed the new layout / design of the site. With a solid experience in designing websites for the B2B and B2C sectors with international clients, Ms. Li Wenwei was able to frame important design elements, understandable and adaptable on an international scale. She was also able to detect and resolve many programming questions. Once the design was completed, our technical team based in Mannheim was responsible for the implementation.

Of course, our work did not stop there, before the online launch of the site, we tested the compatibility, usability and adaptation of the site on different target markets. Even after the redesign, we are still in a constant process of optimization. Why did you develop an icon system? Icons have an advantage over texts, they are more intuitive than words and easier to understand. Our challenge has therefore been to ensure that these icons are clear and instinctive to meet a global demand. And how did you come up with this idea for an icon? Well, our strategy was to strengthen the ” effective ” brand .

Previously, Each Subsidiary Had Its Own Color Codes

we were missing somewhere the idea of ​​union by a connecting element. This is why we have opted for a system of icons, in the brand’s colors. On the one hand you can see the autonomy of each subsidiary, and on the other hand also their connection to the effective world group . This idea having worked well, we therefore made the choice to apply the icon system to all of our business units and social media platforms. Each now has the green symbol for “ effective ”. icon_system.jpg Now let’s talk about responsive website. Why was this important for the new site? The traditional desktop computer is no longer the only device used to connect to the Internet. More and more consumers are using laptops, tablets, smartphones and other digital media.

This implies that there are many different screen formats and resolutions in which a website can be viewed. But how do you make sure that the layout remains the same, and that the different elements on the site are displayed in the right proportions? How to guarantee the same result in several languages? It was very important to us that the layout of the web page be the same and that the elements of the page respect the proportions whatever the medium used, or the language in which the website is displayed. We had to create the design taking all these constraints into account.

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