The notion of e-reputation and exchange on these platforms

Is a non-negligible part in the digital age. All of these tools can already be transposed to different business sectors for further digital transformation. The physical tools of phygital As the name suggests, phygital is made up of digital and human aspects. We will now see the different physical components that makeup phygital. Order terminals to satisfy the customer who cannot find an item. It will then be possible to order it online and deliver it to the customer. Connected seller. The seller must evolve and have digital tools to improve the Laos Email List customer experience. Thanks to customer data, a seller will be able to personalize the offer to customers. Interactive showcases that provide information (product sheet, video, etc.) on all products Mobile payment to reduce queues.

Customer personalization is the high point of the physical part of phygital. The personalization of the customer relationship is what Generation Z wants. The close bond with a seller is the social fabric around this interaction is one of the engines that drives the act of buying. Physical tools are a primordial and very important asset for the future of customer relations. Phygital therefore influences behavior and brings about in-depth changes for companies. With digitization, you have to think about the speed of customer service while personalizing it as much as possible. The human approach is also one of the key points of customer relations, because the human aspect is increasingly sought after.

This allows you to keep a certain footing in the real world

And to break with potential isolation. Why will phygital affect all sectors of activity? So yes phygital is thought today around retail and BtoC. However, it brings a philosophy applicable to all marketing strategies, regardless of the sector of activity. The issue of digitalization in companies is very strong, however the human aspect sometimes comes into conflict with. Generations Y and Z, even if they are very digitized, need a human-based customer relationship. The future of companies now depends on strategic construction around these two generations. Being ultra informed thanks to the web means that consumption habits remain the same. Whether in everyday life or at work, these two generations have the same behavior when it comes to inquiring about a brand. So yes, everything is not adaptable to all sectors of activity, especially in industry. However, the question of digitalization and the human relationship is the key to your marketing and commercial strategies of tomorrow.

Whether it is ultra-personalization, connected salespeople, interactive showcases, email-to-store or even social networks are already applicable to this environment. Phygital is therefore a marketing strategy that is not exclusively intended for BtoC and retail. This strategy can already be applied to your company to improve the customer relationship while strengthening its experience. If you liked this article, check out our customer experience page or check out our article on what is IoT ?

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We invite you to contact our teams for more information To motivate your salespeople, this slogan is very relevant. Taking these desires for reality is a strength that every salesperson should have within them. By motivating your salespeople and making them take their desires for reality, you encourage them to try the impossible. That is to say, they have to follow their instincts and push the customer as much as possible through the sales funnel. In addition, this implies that we should not be afraid to go fishing for big fish. By aiming high, efforts will always win. Are you consumers or participants Among the slogans of May 68, we can draw some truth from it. The consumer becomes an actor of a brand and not a simple customer.

We then speak in terms of consom’actor marketing. With digital and especially social networks, the customer has more and more influence on brands. The challenge in the digital age is to adapt to new types of consumption. Indeed, today 74% of Internet users inquire before proceeding to an act of purchase. This new channel must therefore be mastered by brands and salespeople. The notion of e-reputation is now becoming essential and salespeople need to remove any possible doubts. In addition, customers know the products as well as your salespeople so it is impossible to cheat.

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