The objective is, therefore, to gradually replace basic problems or questions with algorithms

Everyone will be a winner because one person will have a quick response and the technical staff can spend more time on other more difficult actions. Today, chatbot and phoning therefore have a common goal of improving the customer experience. The goal is always to offer better service to retain its last. If you liked this article, see our page dedicated to the customer experience or consult our article on customer relations in 5 years . Do you want North Korea Email List to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information The second which follows from the first, which brings greater customer satisfaction and which consequently builds loyalty. Blockchain The blockchain, although it can be used for the moment, is undoubtedly one of the customer relations technologies in 5 years.

Indeed, although using the blockchain in crypto-currency exchanges meets the expectations of B2C and B2B consumers. This expectation is that of securing data and trade. With Big Data and the skepticism surrounding its management, blockchain answers these questions. Indeed, one of the goals of the blockchain is to secure data by avoiding a whole panel of intermediaries. By its operation, the blockchain allows data to be encrypted and only reaches the recipient. Consequently, trade is strengthened. The customer relationship in 5 years will then have to rely on this type of technology to show its good faith in the processing of data.

Customer relations in 5 years closer to consumers

One point that has not been addressed until now and which will be very important in customer relations in 5 years’ time is the proximity between the brand and the customer. Indeed, the customer relationship today sees a profound questioning of its structure. This is mainly due to digital and more particularly social networks and rating systems. These two digital aspects force companies to always more personalization, precision and responsiveness. Because yes, the reputation of a company is quickly made and undone thanks to or because of these channels. This space leaves a freedom of expression and speech that customers did not really have before. Many brands were content to just sell without worrying too much about the rest. Today all this is no longer possible.

Brands must be able to offer customer-oriented service and no longer be satisfied with customer service. So yes, we have seen previously that new technologies are tending towards this whether internally or externally. Understand consumers’ expectations today and one of the crucial points of customer relations in 5 years. Without personalization , without listening to consumers during the entire purchasing phase (before, during and after the sale), your customer relationship will not be successful. And who says an unsuccessful customer relationship says dissatisfied customer, declining sales and a bad reputation. Consequently, the customer relationship in 5 years must have a high point: that of being closer to consumers.

What will become of call center employees?

Therefore, a question arises. What will become of the call centers which are already experiencing changes related to customer relations in 5 years? Well, the answer is simple, there will be a profound questioning of the classic customer relationship professions. This profound questioning of the customer relationship professions by telephone will have to be digitized. That is to say that each call center must be able to: Appropriate digital tools to meet customer expectations and make near-real-time reporting of their activities.

Understand the operation of certain systems such as the IoT which allows pushes to be sent in the event of a problem with a machine. Use social networks and understand the interests of social-selling for those who are prospecting Analyze your work yourself to provide a better customer experience and thus increase customer satisfaction. However, digitization will not only be the only point of change that call centers will have to make. To better meet customer expectations, they will have to: Be more specialized in a specific area and therefore increase the level of internal requirements. Put an end to the notion of script to follow, in particular for technical advisers. They must adapt to the person they have online by making themselves understood by the other party.

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