The Performance Indicators Of An Emailing Campaign

Direct Marketing Definition: “First, direct marketing is a communication and sales technique that consists of broadcasting a personalized and incentive message to a target of individuals or companies, with the aim of obtaining an immediate and measurable reaction. . In other words, direct marketing is the one that directly hits the target. » Source Wikipedia Or, the benchmark in Marketing, the definition of Mercator: “Communication sent on the Norfolk Island Email List basis of personalized files comprising at least the postal or e-mail address of the individuals. ”

Source Mercator marketing-direct-definition Several definitions of Direct Marketing How to make a mailing? emailing-solutionFirst of all, effective emailing , whether for prospecting or loyalty, must have relevant content. But also, proposed an object, a professional ergonomics. The shape plays an essential role in making your recipients want to click on the message and therefore switch to your site . And knowing how to send marketing emails is good, but being able to assess their effectiveness is even better! So discover the 5 indicators to measure the performance of your emailing campaigns. …

Performance indicators Indeed, measuring the performance

Of an emailing campaign allows you to monitor 3 specific points: First, the effectiveness of your email content, and how your database reacts to your emailing campaign. And finally, ensure that the results meet the objectives set, if not analyze. These performances can be measured thanks to the quality indicators (the deliverability rate, the open rate, the click-through rate) of your emailing campaigns and thanks to the profitability indicators of your email (the conversion rate and the unsubscribe). 1 – The deliverability rate The deliverability rate is the percentage of the number of emails you sent that were successfully delivered to your recipients. And contrary to what one might imagine, not all emails will be fully delivered.

Indeed, the various rules of Internet Service Providers can prevent the proper dispatch of your emails. 2 – The openness rate email-open-rate E-mailing performance indicator: the Open rate And here is one of the most popular rates! It is about knowing if you have succeeded in attracting the attention of your target to provoke the opening of your email. The open rate corresponds to the number of people who opened the message sent out of the total number of targeted emails. Here are the benchmarks to assess your open rates: Less than 10%: Low Between 10% and 20%: Medium More than 20%: Strong 3 – The click rate It’s Emailing click rateindicator, the click-through rate, measures the effectiveness of your message and your sent communication! Here are the standard references to assess your click-through rates: Less than 3%: Low Between 3% and 6.5%: Medium More than 6.5%: Strong

The reactivity rate Particularly relevant, this rate is the result of the number

Of clicks on the total number of openings. In addition, this indicator allows you to measure the reaction of your recipients after opening the message. Finally, we can see here the correlation between the subject of the email and the message itself. And here are the benchmarks to build on your analysis of your own results: Less than 9%: Low Between 9% and 18%: Medium Over 18%: Strong 5 – The churn rate subscription-rate Performance indicator Finally, here is an indicator to watch closely. Indeed, it is the result of the number of unsubscribes following the sending of your emailing campaign. Also, it is good to note that the unsubscribe rate should normally drop because after each shipment you will purify your database.

Here are the average performance indicators: Less than 0.2%: Low Between 0.2% and 1%: Medium More than 1%: Strong Emailing example & solution To date, there are 4 main solutions for emailing routing : emailing-solutionEmail Vision Mailify Mail Performance Media Mailing In conclusion, a good emailing campaign meets design rules & practices . And, the professional routing aspect is not negligible because it will allow you to increase your deliverability rate. Finally, it will optimize your approach and avoid getting blacklisted.

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