In the memory of the reader. which impacts us on an emotional level. On the other hand. a report by the neuromarketing company TrueImpact concludes that the memory that brands generate with their ads is 70% higher in print than in digital media . That means that print advertising is more effective and therefore more profitable. “Print ads achieve a double effect: they significantly increase the consumer’s positive feelings towards brands and. in the most prominent cases. they are capable of creating a kind of alternative memory in the reader’s memory. which impacts us on an emotional level. ” The best of both worlds Undoubtedly. these results speak well of the printed ones.

It seems that the problem is not that paper may disappear in the future. or that print advertising no longer works. but that advertisers do not know how to advertise on paper to achieve the best results. But beware. it is not about denying the enormous power that digital media have acquired in recent decades. Actually. when it comes to advertising. the ideal would be to mix both alternatives to achieve maximum impact and visibility. That could be the secret to getting good results with print ads. The integration and harmonious work of both spaces seems to be the most appropriate recipe to obtain the effectiveness that is so sought after.

Is Essential To Improve It

Of course. a previous strategy is needed Georgia whatsapp number list designed according to the needs and objectives of each business. Not everyone can implement the same solution because each case is different. But the main objective is that paper and digital work in synergy. that they complement each other and take advantage of the best they have to meet the goals set. In search of the 360 strategy Did you know that. according to a Two Sides study. 67% of internet searches are motivated by offline communications and messages? So it seems that a strong print presence can increase conversions and virtual sales.

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So if your business operates entirely in the digital world. or if your goal right now is to strengthen your digital channel. you also have no excuse to rule out a strategy that mixes online and offline . At this point you will be thinking. how is that ideal mix achieved? Well. there are resources that manage to unite both spaces. such as augmented reality or QR Codes . With them. you not only integrate the paper with the virtual. but you are generating the use of mobile devices. another element that you must include in your strategy because it has become a basic. Mobile advertising is here to stay and is another factor that cannot be ignored.

You Need To Know What

So print advertising is not limit to paper only. but can be integrated with. Various actions on the web and in the mobile universe. until achieving what is know as a 360 strategy . That is. a complete strategy that attacks several fronts. at once. Many actions can be developed to achieve that winning combination. Let’s take as an example the possibility of joining printed advertisements with guidelines in specialize portals . You can have advertising in a general directory. and in turn. Have digital advertising in a portal aimed at a specific audience. So. if you owned a pet supply business. you would have an ad in the pet section of the directory.

And a digital ad on a specialize pet portal. Ideally. both are connect to each other. for example. By adding a QR code on the form. which takes the user directly to the digital portal. The options are endless. but without a doubt. The secret of success lies in designing a prior strategy that takes. Advantage of the best of each scenario and that responds to clear. specific. measurable and realistic objectives. And. in short. the printed ones still have a lot to tell. but you have to know how to listen to them. How is it possible that a young person browsing the web gets information about anti-wrinkle ointments? They offer us everything. Our daily routine is expose to more advertisements than we imagine.

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