The place of a coherent social media strategy

Whether in terms of dissemination or moderation of messages. Today, a brand must be present on social networks and in particular those practicing snack content to respond to current trends. The use of innovative tools that can allow a relationship of trust and collaboration between them and a brand. But the biggest breakthrough brought by Generation Z is knowing how to mix digital and human. For 74% of them, face-to-face communication is more Malaysia Email List important than using digital tools. Generation Y, which is very independent, also differentiates itself, but with Generation Z, there is a real desire to collaborate with brands. Generation Z and digital transition:

A new direction for B2B brands Even if today generation Z has not fully entered the world of work or master of its purchases, companies must already position themselves on this generation. In a B2B context, the Z relationship and digital transition is now almost non-existent. Being only a tiny part of the working world, this generation is not yet taken seriously at the strategic level. Indeed, the development vision for this generation is for many today premature. However, many changes must already be taken into account in order not to fall behind. We often tend to judge that B2B is lagging behind strategic B2C actions. So addressing this is already of crucial strategic importance.

We can see today the backwardness of digital loosening the B2B industries

B2C understood that the web would be of vital importance. Today, many brands are already positioning themselves on Generation Z and on phygital aspects of their future actions. So of course in the short term it does not pay off but you will have innovated which is very important for this generation. To conclude, we can see through this article that generation Z and digital transition are concomitant. Generation Z, having always known digital, is imposing many changes on brands. This therefore causes a second mutation following the one initiated by generation Y around digital If you liked this article, see our page dedicated to the customer experience or read our article on Generation Y and the digital transition.

Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information. Well, there were different ways like the directory, finding the right contact by calling a company’s head office, or purchasing a data file. Can we use all these methods today? The answer is yes, but the web has made this type of practice more complex. More and more people are aware of this type of practice and do not take the time to answer or even respond. In the past, pure prospecting involved relentlessly tracking and chasing a potential customer, with the objective of selling. Today with digital and in particular a social network like LinkedIn, this type of aggressive prospecting does not work.

As 74% of web users inquire before buying, prospecting before cannot be today

You have to both be able to let the customer come but also to go and get him but being armed for it. The definition of a project must take into account customer expectations between those it has detected and those that it has not yet thought of. It should not be apprehended completely cold. In short, the processes between traditional and digital prospecting cannot be the same. In addition, “classic” commercial prospecting is gradually being transformed, because telemarketers rely on increasingly precise and detailed customer files. Therefore, successful business prospecting on LinkedIn cannot be compared to classic prospecting.

Successful business prospecting on LinkedIn: just a link in the chain? Is commercial prospecting on LinkedIn just a link in the chain or a driving force? We now know from a Google study that 74% of Internet users in the world learn about a brand or a product before calling on it. But these changes provoke a paradox caused by generations Y and Z. These two generations, which are ultra-digital, want a return to the human and that exchanges with brands become more human. Therefore, considering successful business prospecting on LinkedIn cannot rely solely on this tool.

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