The Preferred Forms Of Communication In The Professional Sector

With the suspension of traditional trade shows and close physical contact limited for some time, B2B brands can leverage instant messaging applications to stay in the orbit of their target audience and communicate their expertise in a direct and accessible manner . Instant messaging apps, the allies of post-COVID-19 digital marketing In businesses, instant messaging apps are often found in an area where the lines between Portugal WhatsApp Number List digital marketing, sales and customer service teams are blurred. Whatever type of strategy is chosen for their management, it is a channel that will emerge stronger from the coronavirus crisis and which offers interesting communication possibilities that brands should consider in their digital marketing strategy.

Do not lose sight of the offline environment : with public health policies having a direct impact on the daily lives of customers, what happens in the offline world has a major influence on what online users are looking for and worrying about. In this sense, it is very important to keep all the information relating to each step taken by businesses up to date . If the company has physical establishments, Google My Business is a key partner in strengthening local SEO when searches such as “near me” or “brand + city” multiply with the reopening. Las normas en las tiendas físicas will be una información de gran relevancia para los usuarios And, in the midst of volatility in May, a Google core update In May, Google made a major update to its algorithm ;

An Update Focused On Presenting The Most Relevant Results For Each Search

For Google, this involves identifying the user’s search intent and interpreting the quality of the content of the pages. Query Deserves Freshness thus joins BERT and many other algorithms that work together to assign positions. Once again, creating useful, quality and up-to-date content , following Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines is proving to be a sure-fire tool to maintain good organic positioning in uncertain times, like the one we are currently living with. the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

and indicates that digital audio platforms are ideal for reaching a profile of active consumers (68% of users), young people (over 66 % are under 44 years old) and who listen to content while doing household chores (71%), traveling (61.6%), playing sports (51.6%) or surfing the Internet (46, 7%). Within the post-COVID digital strategy , programmatic digital audio advertising offers significant benefits when it comes to reaching Gen X, Y and Z audiences , reaching highly specialized targets and expanding campaign coverage. In guiding these,

Spotify Stresses That It’S Critical To Consider Context When Setting Goals And Crafting The Message

For example, for those times when the user keeps the screen in the foreground , very direct creativity can be offered, with a clear call to action. But, when he is not looking at the device , advertisements intended for storystelling, evocative and whose goal is to fix the memory of the brand, will work better. Figures that correspond to the global trend and which are linked to the decrease in travel (a large part of users connected in their car or public means of transport) and to the closure of gymnasiums. In addition, in the following weeks, according to Spotify , the confinement changed the typology of the most listened to playlists.The more energetic hits and melodies have been replaced by songs and stories for children,

acoustic and chill out categories and music for sports, relaxation or even meditation. This is the reason why, for digital audio, the post-COVID-19 stage will be an opportunity to recover lost ground and respond to the new demand for specific content to be listened to at home. Brands also have the ability to reach, through new advertising formats, this audience that consumes music and podcasts at home . Spotify, for example, suggests moving away from classic radio spots in favor of 3D audios that mimic surround sounds, playlists with notes and ASMRs of relaxing environmental sounds to grab the attention of listeners.

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