From mobile exclusivity to geolocate deals. to better filters and searches. We have only scratched the surface of what is possible with customization.” One of the keys to how to sell online is to be as segmented as possible and offer a practically personalized service. The one-on-one connection with the client increases the possibilities of sale. John Hagel – Deloitte “The Internet allows a level of relationship with customers. until now unfathomable.” The power of the Internet to create a bond is just as important as dealing with the customer in person. The challenge is to constantly engage with people and keep them loyal to the brand. Marcus Sheridan – Founder of Sales Lion “Consumers of all kinds expect to find answers on the Internet.

And the companies that can best provide that information win trust. sales and loyalty.” Content marketing is essential to attract the public. thanks to its power to make you an “expert” in your sector and build a reputation so that people buy. Jay Baer – Marketing Consultant and Author of Youtility “If you sell something. you become a customer TODAY; if you help someone. you are making a customer FOR LIFE”. The focus of your business should not be sales. but people. They are the ones that over time will lead your business to success. Guy Kawasaki – Marketing Expert “Focus on achieving MEANING. not MONEY.” Generating emotions and a direct connection with customers is the basis for success in sales.

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The best consumers are those who identify Belarus whatsapp number list your brand. Steve Blank – Academic and co-founder of Epiphany “Over the past 150 years. only a few generations have had the chance to reshape the nature of business. Own the changes and lead the way.” The market is constantly changing and you have to be at the forefront of consumer and technological trends so as not to be left behind by the competition. Morris Hite – President and CEO of Tracy-Locke “If you have an Internet business. make it sticky; refresh your merchandising frequently and try new things until you get the perfect home page. Then try to get over it.” Having a presence on the Net implies constantly renewing.

Belarus whatsapp number list

It is a market that demands dynamism. Clayton M. Christensen – Consultant and professor at Harvard “You can talk all you want about having clear objectives and strategy. but ultimately it means nothing if you are not interested in investing the resources you have in a way that is consistent with your strategy. In the end. a strategy is nothing but good intentions. unless it is effectively implemented. A good digital. social media. marketing or e-commerce strategy starts with having clear objectives. knowing how to achieve them and measuring them. That’s where the correct implementation is. Jill Konrath – Author and Sales Strategist “It all boils down to this: To become a differentiator.

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You need to be always learning.” Stay up to date with what is happening in the market and with your audience; learn what it takes to always take the lead. Neil Rackham – Expert. consultant and academic “Successful companies are very selective: they put more attention and resources into the best sales possibilities. so they make more money with fewer customers.” In terms of sales. you have to focus on the best opportunities. that is. on customers. The strategy to stand out is how you sell and not the product itself. Gabriel Soto Jaramillo – EAFIT teacher and sales expert “In the first place. the salesperson must always be based on knowing the client’s need; second.

Ttoday’s salesperson has to listen more and talk less”. Regardless of where the customer is in the purchase funnel . You must be able to listen and capture what they need. at the right time. Malorie Lucich – Pinterest “People share. read and interact more with content from people they know and trust. To achieve sales on the Internet. the recommendations and opinions that people find on the Internet are essential. Especially if you take into account that the user trusts the shopping experience that others share on the Internet. Larry Weber – Author and co-founder of MITX “ As you may have noticed. people don’t want to be sold.

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