The publisher and host of Soul Workshop, Wang Haowei, talked about the encounter between Wang Yiliang and Soul Workshop. It originated in 2017. Soul Workshop friend H introduced a couple in Chiang Mai: Yiliang and Bai Ye met Dr. Wang Haowei. At that time , The couple sent a large number of Jung’s translations and handed thend loses his connection with the land due to reasons such as war, the trauma is more severe than anything else. serious. Wang Yiliang went into exile due to lack of freedom of speech, but exile also caused the trauma of losing contact with his hometown, which is a pity.


On the contrary, Soul Workshop has the freedom of publication,

Which can help Wang Yiliang to continue his independent creative spirit, because Soul Workshop has Portugal Phone Number always been very tolerant of all kinds of speeches and pursues a trulked about how he met Yiliang at first. He first liked Yiliang’s articles, and then he met this person. He felt that Yiliang’s personality was very straightforward, rough, and cute. Which was different from the articles he wrote, and found it very interesting. Looking back on his life with Yiliang, Bai Ye said that they met in Thailand in 2015. Yiliang loved booksught a house in 2017, their life became more stable, and with the support of friends, they began to translate Jung’s works.

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Bai Ye said that after officially entering Jung’s translation,

Yiliang will search and read a lot of materials every day, but without any purpose. All he translates are books that he is interested in. Finished, but interrupted to translate another book. Bai Ye felt that one should be finished before the next onepped Because all along, the two have been together 24 hours a day, even going out to buy small things. If they lose each other, they don’t know how to face the next life. By reading Yiliang’s works, contemporaries can find their own memories. For Bai Ye, they can get close to Yiliang’s life thro

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