The Right Recipe for Your Communication Plan – Part 1

That’s it, you feel it is time for you and for your business to speak to your customers. Instagram campaign, creation of a website, printing of flyers, setting up of your advertising campaigns and other sponsorships… Are you wondering what are the most relevant actions to answer your communication problem? But above all, you wonder which of Cyprus Mobile Number List these actions can allow you to generate the highest return on investment? In order to effectively answer these questions, there is a simple recipe: the structured development of a communication plan and its actions.

And yes, the plan is the step that should certainly never be neglected when you want to speak up , whatever your goal (publicize your offer, recruit new customers, etc.) and expect a precise return on investment. How to structure a communication plan In the short term , the plan allows you to structure your actions, to create a common thread to follow so as not to scatter yourself. In the long term , it will allow you to reap the fruits of your investment by reaching your goals but also your CA desires while growing your business. But there you have it, maybe you need some help and some advice to get all this set up? What should you start with, what budget should you allocate, should you go as far as setting up an advertising campaign and how should you go about it…? Jadéclo helps you see more clearly.

If You Opt for the Second Option, We Will See Together How to Approach

all the stages of carrying out an effective communication plan and meeting all of your objectives (communication but also commercial and marketing). Let’s take a case study to fully understand this grub. Here is the brief: We have a local chain of pastry shops, at an unbeatable price for tailor-made cakes: • € 10 for an XS cake (4 people) • € 15 for an M cake (8 people) • € 20 for an XL cake (12 people) We have set up several stores in different strategic locations on the Côte d’Azur. Today, the managers of our stores note that personalized orders of cakes, for all holiday occasions, are growing strongly.

To respond to this trend and growing demand, we decided to develop this offer while promoting it through a communication plan. What actions can we take? PREPARE THE INGREDIENTS OF THE COMMUNICATION PLAN: PRICE YOUR EAR, OPEN YOUR EYES, BE CURIOUS Start by asking yourself questions, a lot of questions Before establishing the communication plan, we will take the time to reflect on why it is necessary to communicate and to ensure that we have the resources : • Why do I want to communicate about my company? We want to promote our specialized service for personalized and made-to-measure cake orders. •

Do I Want to Communicate to Solve a Market Problem?

To meet a consumer need? We want to allow consumers on a low budget to also be able to order their tailor-made cake. • What return on investment (ROI) do I expect for my business? We would like to increase the number of consumers of our products and consequently increase the turnover. • What budgets do I have (communicating is never free)? € 5,000 dedicated solely to communication (excluding salaries for internal employee profiles). • What are your deadlines? Are you doing it far enough upstream? We are in August and we would like to make this offer operational for the holiday season. • What resources do you already have internally?

Do you have the right people for this? Do you have any contacts who could help you? We have just recruited a marketing manager who will take care of the implementation of the actions. It may be supplemented by an agency in certain tasks of setting up the plan. If you can easily find answers to these questions as we have just done, then you are on the right track! Chef’s advice : communicating for the simple fact of communicating without real objectives (communication, marketing or sales) will be a waste of time and money for you.

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