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The SEO audit is essential and makes it possible to determine the best action plan to put in place according to specific factors. There is no default SEO strategy, each digital strategy is independent and specific to the needs of its site. These factors & indices of digital marketing are Keywords Competitive strategies The site’s performance in terms of USA Phone Number List natural referencing The architecture and content of the site Technical performances Quality (whether the content is duplicated & is of good or poor quality) The extent of net linking (the external links which refer the user).

The specific factors will come to support the SEO audit but the strategy to be undertaken is not to be generic, it must be the most adapted and personalized to your website. Without forgetting the SEO optimization of your website Improve the position of your site on google And yes, instead of frantically creating marketing content, we can also optimize our SEO in place. Optimizing your SEO must be part of the constant improvement variable of your website. It should be noted that the fact of optimizing your SEO comes down to strengthening your positions in the results of search engines.

It is the variable for adjusting the visibility of your website

In conclusion, natural referencing makes it possible to improve your visibility on search engines sustainably while guaranteeing you an increase in your turnover. Indeed, natural referencing (SEO) is an essential lever for any successful strategy, whatever the objective pursued by your site (contact, sale of quotes, etc.). Are you looking for an SEO audit of your website? Support with a web consultant to develop your visibility! Nothing could be simpler, by completing the form below, one of our SEO experts will contact you within 48 hours:

But hashtags that are not widely known will not be a good option either because without an audience looking for it, you are unlikely to increase your subscribers. 9. Gain Instagram followers with digital marketing tools Indeed, to gain Instagram subscribers, nothing could be simpler! Go for the real-time Instagram subscriber counter. The latter is to be installed in your shop, restaurant, points of sale, showroom…. So SEO explained by a social media agency since 2006 My community manager is a digital agency specializing in social media for over 16 years. Our community management team will be able to help you in your choice of communication strategy on your social networks. Our mission is to support you in all your digital projects, to succeed together, to develop your business. For more information, you can ask us for a quote or make an appointment by phone in the contact tab.

Other solutions are available to you, such as net linking

which allows you to advertise or promote your business on platforms or other websites dedicated to this. How does Google position you? Now, we will be able to analyze the ranking criteria for Google positioning to derive all the benefits. To position all the pages referenced locally, Google will take into account the content on your Google My Business page. The criteria are as follows: The relevance according to the query. Geographical area requested by the Internet user. The notoriety of the company is thanks to the links and articles available on the site or its Google reviews.

Google reviews are very important and 95% determine whether the user will go to you or your competitor. They must be managed, that is to say, that you must respond to all reviews and even more to bad reviews that will show your professionalism to other Internet users passing by. Failure to meet these criteria could put you at a disadvantage against your competitors. Collect certified positive reviews Local SEO agency since 2006 All web strategies, and in this case, web referencing strategies, require an enormous amount of time and internal human and material resources and skills. Moreover, this is why many SMEs and VSEs have decided to outsource their web marketing to a specialized agency. Communication agencies save you time and money by meeting your goals. Extern-Market is a 360 ° communication agency specializing in web referencing.

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