The Social Media Editorial Calendar: a Key Tool in Your Digital Strategy

When you are a business, being present on social networks may seem obvious, but you still have to know how to do it effectively. In order to save you time and increase the productivity and dynamism of your teams in managing your social networks, the social media editorial calendar is the tool you need! It is a key element of your communication plan which will become the Egypt Phone Numbers List essential to the development of your social media strategy and will bring you many advantages! To establish it, you can choose to create it yourself, to go through a specialized platform or to use a web agency .

Several platforms offer free and / or paid versions and are available online, such as Buffer or Hootsuite . These platforms facilitate the creation of your content and their planning thanks to a dedicated interface. But if you prefer to create your own content calendar, you can for example create an editorial calendar in Excel, by designing your own interface. And although there is a “standard” editorial calendar model, with very specific column headings, each company can create its own calendar, in collaboration with all the members of the team in charge of the communication of the publication. ‘business. This promotes exchange between team members and allows you to create THE calendar adapted to YOUR business. Create your own editorial calendar in Excel!

What Is an Editorial Calendar?

An essential management tool to ensure your presence on social networks Establishing a social media editorial calendar within your company will give you an overview of the major events planned for the given period . These events can be external to your company (Mother’s Day, Easter, sales, Christmas etc.) as well as internal (launch of a new product, opening of a new point of sale etc.). Thanks to this tool, you will be able to write all your content in advance , by planning them a month, a quarter, a semester or even a year in advance! Create your editorial calendar and organize the work of your teams! This editorial schedule will also allow you to visualize when your publications will be published .

This will help you establish a consistent post “pace” for your audience, with regular intervals . Therefore, you will avoid content that is written in a hurry and of little interest to your audience. In addition, you will be able to concentrate all your writing efforts on a few days for the preparation of your publications for the months to come, in order to get ahead of your schedule. Be careful, however, do not neglect this famous hot content , and thus take into consideration the news and specific news in your calendar. Plan ahead yes, but don’t forget tokeep regular time slots to talk more spontaneously about daily news related to your job or your services! A planner accessible to all companies Whether you are a small or a large company, the editorial calendar is a tool accessible to all types of structures .

What Can It Bring to a Business?

Global coordination of your social media Whether you are present only on Facebook and Instagram or on other networks, a social media editorial calendar will allow you to coordinate your publications through these different social networks . Be consistent on all your social networks thanks to your editorial calendar! By planning the content of your posts in advance, you avoid repeating yourself from one medium to another, which gives you an overview of the different types of posts you have scheduled. For example, you can distinguish between publications with “hot” content , grouping together publications relating to the highlights of the year and linked to current events, from publications with “cold” content , offering more general information on your company or on specific topics. themes defined in advance.

Consistency with your content strategy When developing your editorial calendar, you will have to think about and work on the content of your different publications. These posts must not only be consistent from one medium to another , but they must also follow the general logic of your communication strategy. Establishing a social media editorial calendar will allow you to maintain harmony with the content strategy followed by your business . By using your social networks wisely, through quality publications, you also contribute to your visibility .

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