The Stages of Crisis Communication

We do not teach you anything by informing you that the daily life of a company is not always rosy. Indeed, certain periods may turn out to be complex, or even more critical if they are not managed intelligently. Crisis communication is there to help you contain tensions and limit the damage in order to allow your business to recover. If you don’t have the internal resources to prepare yourself, or be able to deal with it, know that you can always call on South Korea Phone Number List a crisis communication agency to help you. Crisis communication is used to contain tensions Because yes, a crisis does not only occur in large groups.

All types of businesses and all professional sectors can one day be faced with it (we can take the example of the tourism sector heavily impacted by the consequences of the Coronavirus at the start of 2020). It is therefore important that all companies protect themselves upstream. Because, as the saying goes: “prevention is better than cure”. This is very useful so as not to be caught off guard when the crisis comes to the fore. WHAT CAN BE THE ORIGINS OF A CRISIS? There are no typical crisis situations .

The problem can arise in various ways

for very various causes most often related to the environment, the context, the market etc. of the company. There are 2 origins to corporate crises : internal and external. Internal crisis This type of crisis is inherent in the company, that is to say that the problem comes from within and can be due either to the employees themselves, to the manufactured products or to its organization. To give a few concrete examples, here is what we most often find as the vector events of the crisis: The cause of an internal crisis can come from employees or products sold for example

the defect of a product (volkswagen and diesel engines) bankruptcy (Purdue Pharma declaring bankruptcy to escape American justice) sabotage (EDF with employees who cut off the electricity during a strike) racism (Starbucks or Le Slip Français deemed racist towards the black community) … The external crisis This type of crisis arises from a phenomenon which is beyond the control of a company but which can also have irreversible consequences on its good health.

To give some concrete examples, it can come from:

a climatic phenomenon (increase in the price of vegetables in France following various storms which devastated crops) a government crisis (political conflicts between Russia and Saudi Arabia which impact the price of a barrel of oil) a health crisis (the Covid-19 epidemic impacting businesses and the global economy) of terrorism (the French events had heavy repercussions on the tourism sector) …. An external crisis is independent of the fact of the company itself The crises can therefore be of various kinds , more or less predictable, founded or not with extremely scattered degrees of severity.

They can be anticipated or not! This is why it is important to always be ready. WHAT ARE THE STEPS FOR SETTING UP EFFECTIVE CRISIS COMMUNICATION? Before crises erupt, it is important to prepare a response strategy. If you are not prepared for it, reactivity will be essential. To do this, keep in mind the 3 crucial stages of crisis management. Step 1: Avoid the spread of rumors and control the messages This stage comes directly after the crisis. You need to be in a position of crisis control .

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