The Starting Point for Containing a Crisis Is Therefore Reactivity!

You can’t predict everything, but you can at least prepare for it to be ready to calm things down quickly and effectively. To conclude: Crisis communication is of crucial importance because being well prepared, allows you to control the crisis, not to endure it. This preparation will have the effect of considerably limiting the repercussions on the Taiwan Phone Number List company and its turnover. Without communication, a company can find itself having to shut down because it will not have succeeded in recovering from the blow inflicted by the crisis.

So be careful, and get ready! To understand how to use the Lightroom app, visit our dedicated article. The advantages of Adobe Lightroom: Very advanced photo editing Possibility to save your effects and duplicate them on other photos Filters available to download and apply to your photos And if not, how much does it cost? For more features, the premium version is available for € 4.99 per month (you can enjoy 7 days free). Instagram feed apps: lightroom to edit your photos CANVA MOBILE: CREATE COMPELLING VISUALS Canva mobile: create compelling visuals With the Canva application, you will be able to edit your photos to set up a strategy that will be unique to you and will allow you to recognize your “creative fiber” in the blink of an eye.

For Example, Put Frames on Your Photos or Add Graphic Effects to Your Visuals

Valid for both your publications and your stories, this tool offers you many models to create original visuals. Want to know more? Find out how to use Canva to edit your photos. The advantages of Canva: Many tools available on the free version Possibility to export your photos in a few clicks An infinite number of formats available (Facebook publications, banners, Instagram stories, etc.) And if not, how much does it cost? The free version is more than enough if you want to edit your photos. To have access to free photos, fonts… You have the Pro version which is at 11.99 € per month or 107.99 € for the year. snapseed: RETOUCH YOUR PHOTOS IN A MINIMALIST WAY Snapseed is a Google application allowing you to make more “minimalist” touch-ups.

Indeed, the “selective” tool allows Snapseed to stand out. His role? Select a specific location in a photo to modify the brightness, contrasts, or even colors at a specific location. The advantages of Snapseed: A huge choice of free tools (29 in total) to modify your photos (curve, perspective, selective, correction, vintage, focus effect…) Some video tutorials available to help you And if not, how much does it cost? The application is completely free. Snapseed: retouch your photos in a minimalist way To conclude: Photo retouching, the addition of animations, modification of colors, creation of montages … With our selection of applications for Instagram feed, your account will improve in quality.

All These Applications Allow You to Develop Your Instagram Account

But also to adapt your graphic charter. At Jadéclo, we still have our two favorites: Unum (because it’s always good to have an overview on your feed) and Adobe Lightroom (which allows you to have identical tones throughout. your pictures). Now you have all the keys in hand to create a harmonious feed. It’s your INSTAGRAM CAPTION IDEA: THESE TIPS THAT WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE Thanks to these two little tips to remember in your Instagram captions, you will gain engagement and visibility easily and quickly! Add a call to action to your legend Kezako? The call to action (“Button of Call to Action” in French) is perhaps one of the most important elements to take into account: it is he who will engage your user! How to do it?

Push your subscribers to like, comment, react, to boost your visibility! Concretely, why not ask your subscribers for their opinions on a given subject, their preferences, their anecdotes. An effective call-to-action that you can also use is the famous ” tag a friend “. For example “identify / tag in a comment a friend who would need this advice”. There are many ways you can try to engage your community with your legend. Be creative! Get your followers to like your Instagram caption with a call-to-action! Add hashtags! Hashtags are a good way to increase your visibility …

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