The telephone, although often criticized, allows more personal exchanges

And thus to bring up information. As part of our activities related to technical hotlines, our technicians report the recurring problems they face. Therefore, our customers are able to measure customer satisfaction as well as the qualities and defects of their products. Without this feedback, our customers would not be able to take the strategic actions to improve the customer experience. The end customer, that is to say the user of industrial or HVAC products, therefore sees constant improvements. This allows them to retain their loyalty and thus give the Somalia Email List brand a good reputation. The direct consequence is increased sales, continuous improvement of after-sales service and customer loyalty.

By learning to better understand its customers, brands have everything to gain. They will have more leads, more personalized, more human and more innovative customer service. By listening to them, they will be able to offer viable and competitive solutions while staying ahead of the competition. However, it is essential to realize that a better understanding of its customers must go through digital but also traditional tools such as the telephone and a quality after-sales service. If you liked this article, see our page dedicated to the customer experience or see our article how to boost sales in 6 steps .

Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads?

We invite you to contact our teams for more information. Know and target the needs of a business in order to offer it a service or product. Find the right interlocutor and avoid telephone roadblocks by addressing a company saying: ” I would like to speak to your sales manager … “. Know the interests of the individuals you are calling, that is to say, know their background, their linguistics, their mastery of a subject. This in order to adapt a speech around his needs and his personality. Once these points have been made thanks to digital technology, the telephone is the essential tool for project detection. The human part is increasingly important in the digital age.

Some studies show that 87% of people want human relationships to do business . So for two reasons the telephone remains and will remain the number 1 tool for project detection. The first is that of efficiency and its complementarity with digital tools. The second is that of the human relationship that every individual wishes to maintain. The choice of a specialized call center for project detection Choosing a specialized call center for project detection will allow you to acquire a large number of leads. Indeed, outsourcing to a call center or lead center for project detection will allow you to have a better return on investment.

A call center today is multi-channel, that is to say they use

All possible communication channels. About 86% of them use digital to improve the customer experience. Therefore call center staff have had digital training. project detection thanks to a call center | Force Plus In addition, choosing your call center must answer your problems and that is why it must be specialized. So why should a call center have one or more specializations? Having one or more specializations allows you to better understand the sector for which a call center and bring them to work. A specialized call center will be able to generate qualified leads using both digital and traditional tools. In addition, if we highlight our experience, our employees are all specialized in a field.

This therefore leads to a clear vision of our clients’ businesses. Whether it is for project detection or technical assistance, a lead center will allow you to detect projects at a lower cost. In addition, you will have leads already identified which will accelerate your sales. If you liked this article, check out our customer experience page or read our articles on this topic. Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information. The drawing up of contracts according to national law The upgrading of society according to local jurisdiction Adaptation of all official company documents according to the rules in force in the target country As we can see, all of this is not within the reach of just anyone.

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