The Tools to Create a Graphic Charter That You Absolutely Must Know!

If the concept of “graphic charter” is perhaps a little vague for you, know that it designates a document bringing together all the elements which make it possible to identify the brand: what characterizes its visual identity. The charter includes in particular: the logo, typographies, colors, types of visuals, brand signatures, etc. A graphic charter is therefore an essential element to precisely define the visual identity of your brand or that of your client! the graphic Iran Phone Number List charter is a document that brings together the visual identity of a brand Whether you are a beginner or a professional, your creative communication agency Jadéclo invites you to discover these 6 free tools to create a graphic charter! As a professional, they will help you find new inspiration.

As a novice, these tools will be essential for you to start creating coherent graphic charts quickly and easily. LOGOS: GET YOUR FILL OF INSPIRATION! Your logos on Canva, your online creation platform You may be familiar with Canva , the super-simplified graphic design platform. But did you know that this tool can also help you find inspiration for your logos ? With Canva, you will have many logo examples at your disposal to make a graphic charter . To do this properly, you have the option of choosing a prefabricated logo as the “base”, and then making any changes you want from the template.

Canva logos are therefore a good starting point for finding inspiration

And knowing what type of logo you want for your brand: more minimalist or worked, pictogram or wordmark, etc. To learn more about the different possibilities of thisonline creation tool , check out our article on Canva . Your logos on Behance: follow the new trends! Find inspiration to create your logos with the Jadéclo communication agency! Behance is a site well known to artists and creators… and for good reason! This platform brings together a wide range of designs created by many artists, professionals or amateurs. The Behance site allows you to exhibit your work as a creator of course, but also to create a graphic charter thanks to many inspirations from the community! For the creation of logo and graphic charter ,

you have a large library of projects and you can keep up to date on the major graphic trends of the moment and the very latest novelties. So you have plenty of inspiration to create a modern and trendy logo ! TYPOGRAPHY: CHOOSE YOUR FONTS QUICKLY! Your typographies on Fonts ninja: identify the fonts you like! Saw a font you like on a site but can’t figure out what it is? Then the tool we offer you could serve you well: Font Ninja is an extension that detects the fonts of the websites you visit . A godsend if you want to quickly find all the typographies you like ! You will save precious time in your research, and in addition you will have all the information you need: name of the font, spacing, color used, etc.

However, we advise you to add your “touch”

To the fonts you choose: it is important to create a unique identity for your brand! Your typographies on Fontpair: associate fonts with each other! If you are about to define your typography and you are not sure how to go about it: know that in graphics, it is advisable to associate two different fonts with each other to differentiate your content but also to make it more clear and more graphic. The task can seem complicated, especially when you do not know the rules applicable to combinations of policies. To make your life easier , the Fontpair tool lets you find typographic combinations that work . In addition, all of the site’s fonts can be downloaded from Google Fonts ! COLOR PALETTE: EASILY MATCH THE COLORS YOU LIKE! Palettone:

create color combinations in one click! The most difficult to choose a color palette is the association of colors between them! This is what the Palettone tool will help you with: this graphic design tool makes it easy to create many color combinations that work together for your visual identity. Using the tool is simple: you choose a color and others will be offered to you: very different colors but in the same tone or the same degree of brightness, for example. You also have the choice between several types of association : monochromatic, three colors, four colors or even in free style.

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