Includes a message that arouses curiosity. shows a benefit. plays on emotions. is believable. and sets appropriate expectations. If you are able to cover all of these requirements. the majority of your target audience will not resist clicking on your online ad. Finally. keep in mind that your launch campaign should be an integrated marketing campaign . using different online media to achieve greater digital coverage and penetration. Likewise. it is essential to monitor the response of the public to the messages and their interaction with the new brand. Did you know that there are more than 119 social networks in the world ? Yes gentlemen. just as you hear it: 119 and growing! Taking into account that many of these are for exclusive use in certain countries and that is why we do not know them.

I thought I would tell you which are the most popular and used social networks in Colombia. But attention! When I knew that I wanted to tell you this. I was faced with the dilemma of what to show you: the networks with the largest number of users. knowing that there are people who created an account but do not use it? This would not be a really attractive network. would it? Therefore. to find what I was looking for. I concentrated on the most visited networks. which indicates that they are the most attractive to the public. This is how I decided on the ranking of the Alexa portal that positions the following networks among the 100 websites preferred by Colombians.

Increases From The First Days

It was not easy to find precise figures Egypt whatsapp number list the number of users of these networks in Colombia; however. we can have as a reference that these are the most used social networks in the world . taking into account the number of active users in the first half of 2016: Facebook: 1.712 million Youtube: 1.000 million Tumblr: 555 million Instagram: 500 million Twitter: 320 million Baidu: 300 million Google+: 198 million LinkedIn: 106 million Snapchat and Vine: 200 million Pinterest: 100 million On the other hand. ComScore points out in its Future Digital LATAM ComScore report (English) that these are the networks that. per month. present more visitors in Latin America: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Taringa Tumblr Badoo Why are these networks attractive? Taking into account the 7 most used in Colombia. let’s see a little why they like them so much.

Egypt whatsapp number list

Youtube: This social network is more popular than the Google search engine itself (it is in position 2 of the Alexa ranking ). This is highlighted by the Global Web Index when stating that YouTube already exceeds Facebook in number of visits per month. Similarly. ComScore highlights in its Future Digital 2015 study that Colombians consume more videos per month than Mexicans. Brazilians or Chileans. It is one of the most popular and entertaining social networks. Especially among the younger generations. thanks to its high content of humor. music videos. tutorials of all kinds and even movies.

The Campaign Behaves

Keep in mind that this is the social network par excellence. If we are based on the number of people who enter it and not on the number of users. YouTube has 17 million users in Colombia. Facebook y Twitter: We know that these two networks have 25 and 4.2 million users in Colombia. respectively . As for Facebook. the portal positions the country in position highest number of users; while Bogotá. with 7.3 million. takes the #10 position in the world ranking of cities. As the king of networks. Facebook is liked for several reasons: It is a platform that allows you to connect with family and friends quickly. It is a channel to freely express emotions. moments and experiences.

Is a space that allows convergence with different content from other networks. etc. It facilitates immediate communication with others. thanks to its Chat or message service. You interact directly with your favorite brands and products and let you know the experience of others with them. For its part. the main attraction of Twitter is the immediacy of information and communication in real time. Which allows us to monitor. minute by minute. What our favorite characters or brands say. In addition. thanks to its microblogging format (small blog) it is possible to “say everything” in 140 characters (tweet). Which helps communication to be faster and more effective.

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