The tyranny of customers: what if you part with it?

This article is adapted from a late 2015 article published in English on . Separating from a client is not always easy. Everyone likes to have a steady income from a big customer. In addition to bringing in a lot of money and paying salaries, it gives us unparalleled credibility. Even so, sometimes we reflect on the risks we could run if they left us. Paul O’Dea calls this concept the “tyranny of the big customer”, and assures us that instead of Dubai Email List thinking about how we can design many products that our customers will be fond of, or create an optimized sales funnel, we are very often too attentive to the needs of our most important customers.

Why part with it? Why then not imagine what could happen if? What if, within 12 months, we were no longer doing business with this important partner? What would be the shortfall? Then you have to think about how to close the gap. How would you go about finding new clients? How would you sell your products and how would you strengthen your team? These are thoughts that form the basis of a healthy return to the way you sell and your products.

It is, therefore, more often profitable to prepare for the breakdown

Of an important partnership than to find oneself tearful and helpless when it finally arrives. And being prepared means knowing how much we rely on our great partners. And if they are too interventionist … why not part with them? You could win! Today, there is a consensus on the usefulness and importance of the customer experience. This importance is reinforced by the fact that social networks can be very quick to relay a bad customer experience. This can be done by ruining months-long marketing efforts in just a few tweets. If you liked the article, do not hesitate to read our articles on Think & Sell ? Do you want to be supported in your improvement process to increase your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information I share

The advertising budget on the web is also exploding. As for marketing and communication support, many media, agencies or brands use the event. We can take as an example the work of author Molly Clarke on The latter created an infographic on the theme of Thanksgiving to talk about B2B marketing. Thanksgiving is therefore an important and topical business issue on which Americans bounce back every year.

This issue is so important that it allows the US economy to brew nearly $ 70 billion

Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, it shows us the importance a brand should place on existing calendars. Litter can pay off big and those no matter what industry. If you liked this article, consult our page dedicated to the customer experience or to consult our article on the choice of dates in communication strategies . Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams

Many tools now allow you to build a relationship between a client and a company. Marketing automation or CRM tools are the perfect example. Thanks to these tools, you will be able to offer personalized content and / or advertising according to the degree of purchase intention. Setting up a commercial strategy must be based on web channels while using all available levers. This responds to growing demand linked to changes in consumption patterns. However, a business strategy cannot rely solely on digital channels. For example, an after-sales service cannot rely solely on the use of a chatbot.

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