Then 71% Of These Companies Have A Store In Their Own Name

And 89% of merchants say their e-commerce and in-store activities are complementary. Also, 45% of traders are located in municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants, including 9.5% in very small municipalities with less than 2,000 inhabitants. Finally, 83.5% of e-commerce sites are profitable in 2020. In Ecommerce and digital, any company that succeeds in its strategic transition to digital calls on specialists & web consultants to best adapt St. Pierre and Miquelon Email List your economic model and the environment of your structure. So if you want to set up a cross-channel strategy or create an e-commerce site (online store), do not hesitate to contact us for more information or simply to obtain a free quote via our form below.

Now every year, the Moderator’s blog updates the study on the salaries of the Web profession, including that of the CM. Thus, we learn that 59% of CM have a Bac +5 diploma. And only 11% have not acquired a BAC + 3. Source: Blog Moderator . For 2019, the minimum salary charged was € 32K for a junior and € 43K for a senior. Missions & Role of a Community Manager What are the missions of the community manager? What do you want to outsource? What are the types of community manager missions? First of all, the community manager is the ambassador of your brand or company on social networks.

Depending on the scope of his mission, he can be in direct collaboration

With the internal or external SEO manager to develop the SEO optimization variable of your websites . Then, he takes care of the management of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even SnapChat. And he is also responsible for the publications, moderation and animation of your professional page. Then there are the Extern’Market – Web Agency rates and packages What are the rates for an Extern’Market community manager? First of all, you have to know that community management only makes sense over time. This is why we offer you packages with CM prices over 6 or 12 months with a Social Media service contract *. In addition, we provide you with a community manager dedicated to your business.

Also, an activity report will be given to you on sponsored publications on a monthly basis and on the management & moderation of your page. Thus, you benefit from tailor-made Community Management packages for an adapted community manager rate! COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION Benefits Monthly price 12 month commitment ** Monthly price 6 month commitment Number of hours dedicated to your social networks Number of Social Media (1) Number of publications per month Creation of Cover Banners

Creation of Visuals or Photo Retouching (2) Creation /

Optimization of the FB story Writing SEO articles 500 words Animation & Moderation of publications Relaying private messages to email Management & recruitment of new contacts Old Social Media Report E-reputation management (3) TripAdvisor / Booking e-reputation management Poll or contests Ads advertising credits included per month STARTER* € 79 excl. € 89 excl. 1 h / month 1 of your choice 1 month 1 year 8 / year 1 / semester ORDER BRONZE* 210 € HT € 285 excl. 3 hrs / month 1 of your choice 4 months 1 year 36 / year 1 / semester ORDER SILVER * 380 € HT 485 € HT 5 hrs / month 1 of your choice 8 months 2 / year 72 / year 2 per year 1 / semester 10 ORDER GOLD

850 € HT 1050 € HT 16 hrs / month 2 to choose from 14-16 / month 1 / quarter 120 / year 3 per year 1 / quarter 1 year 45 ORDER MAGNUM* 1120 € HT 1330 € HT 22 h / month 3 to choose from 25-28 / month 1 month 240 / year 5 per year 1 month 2 / year 75 ORDER * CM service contract tacitly renewed ** Monthly price from -20% over 6 months (1) FB – Instagram – Snapchat – LinkedIn – Video – Twitter – Pinterest – YouTube – SlideShare – GoogleMyBusiness (2) for publications (Excluding photo purchases) (3) Google Reviews / FB Recommendations / Yellow Pages

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