Then Don’t Keep the Suspense Going

It is for this particular offer that your readers will click and come to read your newsletter ! Be careful not to use too many catchy words like “flash sales” or “promotions” , it would be a shame if your message ends up in the Spam category of your recipient. So avoid headlines like “Flash sales: quickly take advantage of our exclusive offers” or “Best prices: our current promotions!” Or you will find yourself directly in the Spam section ! Create a newsletter Romania Phone Number List with MailChimp without falling into spam Jadéclo’s advice : don’t forget to fill out the preview . This is the sentence that appears below the subject line upon receipt of the email.

She gives more details without going completely into the heart of the matter. Yes, making a title and creating envy is quite an art! A CTA, késako? To attract your readers to your site and encourage them to click, you will need to use CTAs (Call to Action). Those attractive little buttons that make your customer want to see what’s behind them . You need to think about it up front, while you are planning your newsletter. Where are you going to place them? What color are they going to be? ALT tags, the essential of your newsletter Eh yes ! We know that 24% of French Internet users receive their emails without displaying images .

If the Main Information You Want to Communicate Is in Your Visual

Then they won’t have access to it! How do you get the information to them in these cases? Don’t forget to fill in the ALT tag for each of your emails, so this description will be displayed instead of the image in case of problem and your audience will have access to the information ! In addition, the ATL beacon is a must have item for your visually impaired audience . It is this element that will be read aloud so that he can have access to the information that you shared with him. It must therefore be written clearly and specify each important element of your visual.

For example , for the image opposite, the ALT tag would be: cliffs in Santorini in Greece The ALT tag is one of the important elements to respect when creating a newsletter with MailChimp The tracking link, essential for the analysis of your newsletter Google Analytics will be used to measure the impact of your newsletter on your site traffic . To do this, you will need to insert a UTM link at the end of each of your links . This will allow you to measure the impact of your campaign and thus know how many people actually went to your site after sending your newsletter.

You Will Be Able to Analyze Their Journey

See if they have converted, the average number of pages visited … To conclude As you will have understood, MailChimp is your ally and an essential tool to include in your habits. Creating a newsletter with MailChimp is simple and efficient and allows you to keep in touch with your customers / prospects . Don’t forget the details that sometimes make all the difference and have fun imagining original newsletters that will capture the attention of your audience.

But this fundamental work will never be in vain! Keeping watch is the assurance for your company to stay alert in the face of demand and new trends … But be aware that keeping watch requires you and your employees to free up time . This could translate to 5-10min time each morning, before starting a day’s tasks. If your organization allows it, you can also opt for a monthly meeting (at a minimum) where you and your employees discuss your respective watches and think about how to make it effective for your company.

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