There Are No Stricto Sensus Sentences To Follow

For example, a statement like “Do not throw away on public roads” or “printed on recycled paper” depending on your printing is still sufficient. The fine incurred for this offense amounts to € 750 The latest mandatory information for the Agro-food industry The manufactured food product falls on some mandatory statements created in the 2000s. Indeed, the “Eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day” but also “it is strongly recommended for your health to South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List practice a regular physical activity” or even “for your health, eat, move ”are well-known to the general public. We will not forget either the mention for alcoholic products with the famous “Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, to be consumed in moderation”.

This set of rules and legal notices will allow you to communicate without risk. And suddenly, you will benefit from attractive communication and in compliance with French law. Are you looking for a graphic designer or a web designer to assist you in your printing projects? Discover our graphic designer & Wedesign offer or ask for a quote directly . Especially when it comes to setting up a new website. Yet loading speed is one of the primary performance factors influencing traffic. Indeed, your audience, the conversion rate and the position on the search engines are influenced by the technical performance of your site.

It is therefore important that your site is fast

And to speed up your WordPress site, you need a well-developed theme & a very good server. Also, take care of small images, limit the use of plugins and especially a very good cache plugin. A cache plugin makes it possible to record the pages visited on the Internet user’s computer so that they can be presented to him on a next visit without having to wait for the server’s response. This allows the pages of a site to be displayed more quickly. And in this regard, the two best plugins are WPRocket and W3 TOTAL CACHE. The first WPRocket is chargeable, unlike W3 TOTAL CACHE, but it includes other features, in particular the compression of CSS and JavaScript files.

Also, with the proliferation of reviews and their impact on the ranking of companies in the Google search engine, the integration of a community manager within his company has become essential. Indeed a community manager will not only communicate about your brand, essential in the age of the web, but also anticipate and manage the negative opinions of Internet users while praising the qualities of your company. > So invite your customers to post a review: Encouraging your satisfied customers to post positive reviews is another method that must be included in your communication strategy.

In addition to improving your brand image

this practice will also allow you to counterbalance negative opinions and bring you new customers or increase your turnover. Encourage your customers to give their opinion The automatic sending of an email inviting customers to give their opinion is a precious help in achieving this result. Use review sites: Sites specializing in reviews such as TripAdvisor or Trustpilost have become essential to such an extent that certain sectors of activity such as hotels and restaurants can no longer do without them.

These sites have a referencing so efficient that the SEO traffic of certain small restaurants depends heavily on these platforms. If you have not already done so, it is therefore urgent to take care of the presentation of your Trip Advisor file (text + photos) in order to increase your visibility and collect additional opinions. Building a community on social media: Building a community on social media doesn’t happen overnight, but this long-term strategy can pay off a lot. It will allow you to build a fan base

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