They receive similar suggestions of what they may need instead of showing the frustrating warning: “your search has returned 0 results”. 3. Descriptions too basic …They say that some of these stores deceive their visitors and do not tell the whole truth about what they sell giphy (7).gifBearing in mind that in a virtual store a visitor cannot interact with the product in the same way that they can in a physical establishment. it is essential that they take the trouble to make a description that is complete enough to respond to objections. of the clients and that allows to visualize the product from different angles making multiple shots of the articles that it offers.

Keep in mind that in addition to images you can add videos to the pages where you show your products in action and make the content much richer to improve the visitor experience instead of just putting the description of the manufacturer. 4. Poor customer service …There is no one who attends these businesses or if there are. it seems that they are ghosts that in the face of any objection the customer wants to get answers quickly and in a timely manner. no virtual store can afford that the customer cannot easily find a way to contact the company and even less so when there are so many ways to facilitate it. Whether you have a chat within the page. a WhatsApp line or a special number for people to call.

Is Particularly Known

It is very important that visitors can Denmark whatsapp number list these options at all times and that they also work and respond in a timely manner. . Even if someone made a query outside of business hours. a chat. for example. could be set up to make the visitor understand that although no one is available at the moment to attend to their request. those in charge of providing support will respond to as soon as possible. 5. Design NOT adapted for mobiles …When people enter via mobile. the pages behave in a very strange way. almost paranormal giphy (2).gifMobile devices have an increasing incidence in electronic commerce to the point that according to a study carried out by the firm Comscore on ecommerce in Latin America. a quarter of consumers have made a purchase from their mobile phone.

Denmark whatsapp number list

In this way. whether you create a mobile application of your page or prefer to launch an application . allowing people to access your store directly from their mobile and giving them the possibility of being able to view and navigate it as if they were doing it comfortably from a computer. it is essential so that users who access from their mobile or tablet do not despair as soon as they enter your store from their devices. 6. Not enough guarantees …They say that visitor data can be lost in these stores giphy (1).gifAs we said at the beginning. one of the points on which companies that have a virtual store must work the most is in generating trust. In this sense.

And You Can Choose

An aspect that is fundamental beyond the guarantees that can be granted on the products. To have the SSL certificate that. among other things. allows you to validate to visitors that your site is safe. To carry out transactions and that the treatment of the data is supported by an. Organization that is in charge of establishing the protocols for this. In this way. as simple as not having said .certification. customers may. Find it a serious obstacle not to buy on your page. even when you excel in other aspects. They do not show user ratings. or if they do they are not good …Legend has it that it seems that no one had bought in these businesses. or that if they did.

They wanted to leave an indelible mark so that no one else would fall into disgrace when buying from them. Along the same lines as the previous point. not showing user ratings. Or that they are bad does not send a good message and can in fact generate doubts in users. Even when you try to hide bad reviews. keep in mind that people can research on the web. And social media what others are saying about your company. Therefore. focus on providing a good customer experience and try to quickly. Correct any mistakes you have made in order to achieve their satisfaction and make the positive word of mouth flow. Only in this way. by showing that you care about your customers and. Trying to make up for it when you make a mistake.

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