Therefore, It Is Preferable to Talk About It to Your Consumers

Because it is a strong marketing argument. Marketing meeting for the CSR communication strategy But be aware that the implementation of CSR commitments stems from a well-crafted communication strategy . A CSR communications agency can support you in this process. Getting involved in a cause, regardless of its scope, must be able to meet communication Latvia Phone Number List objectives if you want to appear coherent with your targets: Reflect a better image of your business Reach a niche target (e.g. environmental defenders) Attract and recruit new graduates …

But the most important thing is that it can reign real consistency between your CSR decision-making and your brand DNA. CSR communication for your consumers As explained above, taking CSR initiatives will help tip the balance in your favor with consumers: they see themselves more in your positions and your values . You are on their side in the fight for the cause that is close to their hearts. Indeed, according to a study conducted by the Wellcom agency with the ViaVoice Institute, 6 out of 10 French people expect a brand to have meaning , that is to say that it attaches to family values ​​(49%), respect for citizens (42%), freedom (31%) and tolerance (30%).

When It Comes to Brands and Companies in Particular

The top three is quality (36%), know-how (33%) and respect (32%). Having responsible commitments therefore allows you to give more meaning to your brand while enriching its identity, positioning and history! But be careful not to get too excited : you should not choose to engage in a cause at random, it must make sense with your activity and your brand identity. civic engagement Internal CSR communication, but what for? Always keep in mind that your employees are your first consumers. It is important, even paramount, that you win their adhesion.

The image of your company is also reflected by your employees . This is why it can be essential to think about your employees in your CSR decision-making (eg management at AREVA), by reviewing management processes, enriching company life, giving employees more incentives, etc. The goal: to give more meaning to work. A happy employee who is convinced by the cause of his company is an acquired consumer but also a prescriber of a positive image about you. So don’t hesitate to involve your employees in your responsible initiatives.

Responsible Communication Tools Both Internally and Externally

many tools can be used to promote your good deeds: social networks blog website dedicated to the cause newsletter internal magazine dedicated events Product packaging Advertising Or any other innovative format…! The most important thing is that the chosen medium is consistent with your CSR communication plan . To conclude : As you will have understood, it is highly recommended for a company to show its commitments, to take a stand and to talk about it through communication campaigns. This position will only be very beneficial for the image of your company but also for your wallet.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that a CSR communication is only valid if the company acts accordingly. Otherwise, at your peril of losing all credibility, especially today when consumers are less and less gullible. Also be careful not to be too clumsy in your CSR communication so that it is not seen as purely marketing but an integral part of your company’s DNA. For the last word, then, as you will have understood, in CSR communication, trust is the key word.

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