These Are Just A Few Examples Of The Companies That Are Part Of Labelium Group

We are present in many countries in Europe, North or South America, Oceania, and we have just entered the Asian market, where we have opened new offices in Shanghai. París es una de las sedes of Labelium Group Our values We know that our values ​​are the key to our success. They have allowed us to collaborate with the best professionals and companies in the world. These are the fundamentals that guide our behavior or our decisions in a Poland WhatsApp Number List efficient and humane work environment : Transparency We have no secrets for our clients, we are completely transparent with them and we want to keep it that way.

We guarantee them total efficiency on all platforms and in all technological fields , without links derived from commercial agreements. We are media and technology agnostic: our commitment is to our client’s business. Integrity At Labelium, we are professionals with integrity and we seek to create lasting relationships of trust . Our specialists advocate honesty and respect above all else , an essential principle for maintaining effective and profitable collaborations, whether with clients or colleagues. Ethics Fundamental in the professional or personal world, ethics is a value that we convey throughout our international network. In our human resources management or in project management, all our actions follow this same line of conduct.

We Build Partnership Relationships With Our Clients

Our vast experience in the sector has enabled us to build lasting relationships with our clients and to make them true partners. Companies like LVMH, Sephora, Grupo MásMóvil, KIA, Maisons du Monde, Inditex, Bankia, Loewe or Endesa have trusted us and have counted on our ability to stimulate their activity in the digital field for many years. We offer a win-win way of working, rather than a simple customer-supplier relationship. We focus on sharing goals and making our clients’ successes ours too. In Labelium Group construimos relaciones de partnership con nuestros clientes The Labelium blog, a look at the present and the future of digital marketing

We want our blog to function as a window from which to observe and analyze the most innovative strategies in online marketing. Therefore, we will discuss the trends that mark the evolution of digital. Some of these areas are: The predictive analysis and artificial intelligence (AI): we talk about the role of new technologies in machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to the world of digital marketing. Digital Transformation: We will see examples of how marketing is driving the digital transformation of the business and the challenges that arise along the way.

For Example, The Website Is Often The Starting Point For Any Kind Of Digitalization Initiative

Online video and audio: how consumption patterns are changing in France and around the world, to the detriment of traditional media. The universe of social networks: whether on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, in the Social universe, there are many possibilities to promote a company, by generating engagement with our brand and by making it channel the performance. Marketing Search Engine : we stop in the areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Mobile Optimization (SMO) or App Store Optimization (ASO).

Fundamental disciplines to improve the positioning of any website or application, increasing its visibility and therefore its traffic. Martech and DataScience: we will study basic concepts such as the different types of data or how quality information is collected, as well as more advanced subjects such as the construction of data lakes or the applications and implementations of machine learning and big Data . The retail sector: users’ purchasing habits have evolved with the development of new technologies, so it is important to choose the right channels and ensure that the shopping experience is optimal in each of them.

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