These Brands Which Have Succeeded in Adapting Their Communication Offer During Confinement

Because of the confinement, many French and international companies have suffered heavy damage and a consequent loss of their activity. If the majority of companies in the world have somehow tried to get their heads out of the water, some of them have shown their creativity by adapting their communication during confinement , and thus, continue to Argentina Phone Numbers List exist in the eyes. of their customers . If you are also wondering how these companies have managed to fare well, your digital communication agency invites you to discover 5 examples of initiatives launched by brands that could inspire you!

The confinement has upset the functioning of many companies BURGER KING AND ITS COOKING TUTORIALS Burger King shared their sandwich recipes with customers While all fast-food restaurants in France had to close their doors in March 2020, the American brand Burger King has redoubled its efforts to review its communication offer during confinement : if lovers of the fast food chain can no longer pick up their sandwiches at the drive, then Burger King will go to their place ! How? ‘Or’ What ? By revealing some of their recipes on their social networks. So everyone could reproduce Burger King sandwiches at home .

In addition to continuing to offer the taste of its sandwiches

to its consumers, the brand has offered a fun way to import itself directly to its customers.. The advantage? You haven’t forgotten the taste of a Burger King, even in confinement. Jadéclo likes: the intelligence of the Burger King brand, which has managed to naturally integrate its sandwiches into French cuisine! ZARA AND HER MODELS WHO PHOTOGRAPHED THEMSELVES “IN SELFIE MODE” The fashion industry has also had to reinvent its communication offer during confinement! If the sale of ready-to-wear on the internet was able to continue, it was still necessary to be able to take photographs of its new collections to feed its website. How to do this when travel was considerably limited?

The clothing brand has come up with a new concept: “selfie” photos of their models from their homes , wearing Zara creations. An idea that has allowed the brand to continue to supply photographs to its website , all in an original and quirky way. A model taking a picture of herself from her home This mode of adaptation during confinement has also been seen many times in the fashion industry, such as when designer Jacquemus asked Bella Hadid to take a selfie with her new collection for Instagram. The advantage? Original and viral visuals on social networks. Jadéclo likes:


The least we can say is that Gémo did not choose the traditional ways to unveil its new collection of clothes to the public! The French ready-to-wear brand has chosen to unveil its new collection to the public on the video game Animal Crossing . An intelligent campaign since the life simulation video game fits perfectly with its family target . If the principle of establishing itself in a video game is not innovative, the distributor Gémo achieved a real feat by launching itself during the confinement : the SuperData firm estimates that 5 million copies were sold during the month alone.

the responsiveness of the Zara brand, which has been able to quickly produce effective and offbeat visual content on its website.March 2020. This trend of being imported into a video game was also followed by Travis Scott and his concert on Fortnite from April 24 to 26, 2020, in the middle of the lockdown . What better way to have fun at home than a video game? Here again, these brands have been strong. Jadéclo likes: Gémo’s ability to reach his target in the right place, at the right time! If the trend is to communicate while entertaining its audience, the brand has hit the nail on the head during this promotion!

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