These channels are public and can be joined by anyone who wishes

Slack is also a simple way to exchange files between employees and collaborators . Feel free to share Word files , images , videos, and even sounds . It can be linked to another work organization application such as Dropbox or others such as Google Drive. The little extra : the free version of Slack already offers many possibilities : Video calls The addition of 10 complementary applications to facilitate sharing such as Google Calendar, Dropbox or OneDrive. Storage of Lebanon Phone Number List nearly 10,000 messages . 2PM – TAKE NOTES WITH EVERNOTE, YOU HAVE AN IMPORTANT MEETING! About ten pieces of information debited in a few minutes, you have to take notes and quickly! No time to pull out a pencil and find the first piece of paper lying around, open Evernote !

Evernote is a note-taking tool that allows you to centralize several pieces of information and therefore to be better organized in your work . Forget your good old post-it notebook, Evernote is THE solution you need to save precious time . Like the previous three web apps, Evernote is available on desktop, tablet, and phone , a great way to keep all of your notes in one place. Evernote is simple, you can create endless notes, write whatever comes to mind. They can all be easily sorted by categories by creating “Notebooks”. Evernote is a work organization app that helps you see things more clearly Note : with the free version, you can synchronize your notes on up to two devices while the paid version offers you unlimited synchronization.

The goal is to create your own organization so that you can optimize

Your time and not have to search for information unnecessarily. The little Evernote + : you can also save web pages , PDFs , emails and schedule reminders to view them. 4 P.M. – YOU HAVE LOST AN IMPORTANT FILE: PHEW, IT’S ON DROPBOX! Don’t panic, if you’ve done the right thing, your folder should be neatly tucked away in Dropbox . Dropbox is a tool for synchronizing and centralizing your files . It works thanks to a cloud system where all your documents are stored . From the moment you create your account, the files you integrate with Dropbox are accessible to all subscribers in your account . Dropbox, is a work organization application that allows you to share your files As a work organization app,

Dropbox allows you to: Share your files between all team members: if you need a file on a client that is not yours, no need to cross the entire office, you can access it with one click. Save your files online and update them live for all collaborators. The little extra: Dropbox allows three different accesses : public access, private accessand shared access by invitation . The latter therefore gives access to certain (authorized) files to other external members. To conclude: The day ends without any unforeseen events. Getting organized at work just got easier knowing which work organization app to use when. This is essential to optimize your time. Organize your different tasks to be more efficient and you will see that your day will go by much more easily. Forget the stress of a neglected task, you end your day without pressure.

In this situation, your page will allow you:

To generate the engagement of your customers To be more credible towards consumers To exchange in real time with the possibility of “asking a question” HOW DOES GOOGLE MY BUSINESS WORK? Create an account quickly and easily Easily create a Google My Business account To create a Google My Business page, you must first have a Gmail account . When your account is created, all you have to do is go to the “Google My Business” tab, then click on “add an establishment” and select “add a unique establishment”.

Make your page settings When creating your page, you will have to enter various information about your company. All this information will allow Google to reference your page and to verify if your establishment exists ! Thus, you will have to fill in the following fields: The name of your establishment Your postal address (note, a validation code will be sent to this address) The products and services you offer Your activity Your contact details Add your information Once all the fields have been completed, you will receive a code by post (to the address of the establishment that you have given). With this method, Google makes sure that you are the owner of the sign you are going to reference.

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