A good book to spend time with at night, or prefer to be updated with the latest news. In addition to taking reading as a way to learn new things, great entrepreneurs know that reading before bed helps reduce stress (with just a few minutes it can be reduced by about 70%) and improves memory capacity. On the other hand, it is a healthy way to keep the mind active and exercise the brain. It doesn’t matter if it’s an inspirational book, a novel or a news story. Successful leaders and entrepreneurs set aside time for reading and consider it, according to speaker and author Michael Kerr, a “non-negotiable activity” on their calendar.

BLOG-PUBLIC 3. They go for a walk It is an alternative that successful entrepreneurs have to get out of the routine, clear their minds and fall asleep more easily. A good night walk oxygenates the body, helps us organize our ideas, think clearly and even find solutions to problems. A study from Stanford University reveals that walking helps increase creativity and opens the doors for new ideas to flow and emerge. 4. They disconnect from technology and work Entrepreneurs-SuccessfulIt seems that it is something difficult to achieve, since the great occupations mean that emails are constantly being checked and answered, even from the comfort of home; however, these people allow themselves to leave work at the office and enjoy being disconnected from work and technology.

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My recommendation is that you put your Kenya whatsapp number list phone and any other electronic equipment in another room (take the opportunity to charge them) and, above all, never sleep next to them, since they are distracting and cause problems when you are trying to sleep. 5. They plan and visualize the next day Knowing how to manage time is a key skill in great entrepreneurs and the night is a good time to plan what the next day will be like. If before going to bed, we visualize our successes and actions for the next day, order the most important tasks to be carried out and prioritize activities, we will surely be more productive. It’s a perfect time to bring out the creativity that we all have inside, don’t you think?

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They spend time with family or friends Successful businessman Who has not been a “victim” of long working hours that they barely share a few minutes with their loved ones. I think everyone, right? Well, successful entrepreneurs are aware that it is necessary and healthy to connect with family or friends during leisure time ; they do not neglect this aspect and try to make every minute worthwhile. A family dinner or a movie or game night is a fun alternative to escape the routine. Conclution We can always learn something from the most successful businessmen and I am sure that these bedtime habits are very useful for personal and professional life.

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The clear thing is that not everything in life is about work. So having the habit of carrying out these activities on a daily basis. Will not only seek a better balance between family and work. But will also help you to disperse and get out of everyday life . What are you waiting for to start and have more pleasant mornings? Surely many will agree with me. The plan to go to the movies or watch a good “movie” at home is one of the best. There are tapes that go unnoticed, but there are others that we will always remember for having made us cry, laugh out loud, take us to the extreme of emotion or for having taught us something new. I recently started to think about this – also regarding the upcoming.

It occurred to me then that I could dedicate this space. To highlight the 8 best films that leave us with great lessons and that. Yes or yes, every businessperson or entrepreneur of an SME should see. Social Network An almost obligatory story for SME entrepreneurs with winning ideas. Social Network tells the story of how a Harvard University student. Mark Zuckerberg , was able to come up with a business idea that would revolutionize the world. Creating the social network Facebook. This film is motivating for those who are just starting out in the business. World and provides a lesson in persistence, tolerance, negotiation power. Conviction and flexibility, all of these characteristics of a good business leader.

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