Things To Know About The Canva Tool

Creating beautiful visuals is essential if you want to make an impression , in private life as at work! There is a lot of software out there today that lets you design designs yourself. Canva is one of them, and this is the one we’re going to be looking at. With the many possibilities it offers, this software is so complete that it is sometimes difficult to navigate. That’s why we’ve put together the essentials you need to know about the Canva tool. From the presentation of the Denmark Phone Number List existing versions, through the various functionalities available to you, to the comparison with other software…

We explain everything to you! WHAT IS CANVA? Canva definition : why choose this software Canva is a graphic design platform . It is a flagship tool for graphic design on the web. At the origin of its success? Hundreds of ready-made templates just waiting to be used! For the more creative, the software also offers the possibility for its users to invent their own design, starting from a blank page. Canva is also very popular for its very intuitive and easy to use interface.

You do not know this software?

Don’t panic, you’ve come to the right place! Jadéclo is there to explain how it works, so that you pass for a professional graphic designer to your clients, your co-workers and your friends! And if graphic design is really not your cup of tea, your nice graphic design agency is there to help you in creating your visuals. Canva free and Canva pro: the different versions For starters, there are two versions of the software: Canva free and Canva pro (paid version). With Canva free, you have the option to make your design from thousands of existing models and that, without a subscription (as the name suggests …). You will have access to a large number of illustrations, fonts and you can even import your photos.

A 5GO storage space is dedicated to you to give free rein to your talents as a graphic designer. However, the free version has its limitations. Some illustrations and features, such as importing your own fonts, will be chargeable and your storage is limited. To remedy this, just turn to Canva pro! Plus, this version will unlock twice as many models! To use the Canva tool, all you have to do is register to have a personal space. When it comes to saving your creations, don’t worry if you can’t figure out how! The app takes care of that for you automatically .

Once you are satisfied with your achievement, it’s time to download your file

You have the option to save it as PDF or JPG. To export your design to PNG, you will need to subscribe to the Canva pro version. HOW DO I USE THE CANVA TOOL? Whether you are enrolling in a recreational or professional approach, Canva is intended for all types of audiences ! Many models are available to individuals to meet all your desires. From the simple invitation card, through the calendars to organize yourself well, you will inevitably find what you are looking for! Canva also offers you templates to feed your social networks, such as: Instagram Posts Instagram stories Facebook posts Banners of your networks, …

If you’re using Canva for business, then again, the choices are endless. You will find something to achieve: Your oral presentation materials, Your CV, Logos, And even illustrations for your website! As a bonus, Canva pro lets you share your work with your team and save your designs as a template for everyone to enjoy. For more explanations of the creation process on Canva, do not hesitate to take a look at our previous article dedicated to this tool.

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