This campaign, called the “Vicious Ad Campaign” aimed to give advice to citizens

To circumvent the law.. These posters were installed in particularly strategic places. For example, we could find a poster indicating “In exam, if you do not have the right answers, be sure to have the right neighbor”, just in front of a college entrance. “. At the entrance to the metro, it read “There are fewer controls at the other exit. I say that… “. A campaign bordering on legality, as Netflix knows how to do so well! In 2014, the platform also launched a Nigeria Phone Number List communication campaign in the capital using the digital screens of the largest transit points in Paris : the metro, shopping centers, cinemas, etc. In total, about a hundred animated GIFs , featuring the popular heroes of Netflix, which were displayed in the largest places of passage.

And these GIFs were linked to what the viewer was experiencing when they walked past the digital terminal. For example, if it was raining outside, the GIFs depicted heroes in the rain etc. The purpose of this campaign was to promote new Netflix movies and series . Netflix street marketing: actions skilfully carried out Another area in which Netflix excels when it comes to communication is street marketing. In 2015, to promote season 3 of the series “Orange is the new black”, whose plot takes place in a prison for women, the platform decided to build a vertical penitentiary of 360 m², in the heart of the city. from Paris . Inside, actresses played the role of the inmates, dressed in the famous orange jumpsuits from the series.

Another Spectacular Street Marketing Action by the Brand:

installing giant fake cocaine hourglasses in Morris columns in Paris to promote the return of the Narcos series. This operation was set up two days before the release in order to offer a giant countdown to passers-by. In Los Angeles, Netflix carried out another remarkable street marketing action on the occasion of the release of a new series of the platform, “Altered Carbon”. Netflix’s marketing strategy involves the promotion of its many content! This series evokes a world where the most fortunate individuals can live forever by transferring their consciousness to a new body. To promote this series, the platform decided to replace the advertising posters of the bus stops with mannequins wrapped in plastic, placed in the fetal position and surrounded by viscous white material.

A larger-than-life campaign that has caused a lot of talk! To conclude : In addition to being the world leader in streaming, Netflix is ​​also one of the most successful companies at promoting its content. Through shock actions and unique communication campaigns, Netflix has become a true model in terms of marketing and communication. But what the brand succeeds above all else is knowing its audience at their fingertips . Whether through street marketing actions or on social networks, the brand always pursues the same objectives: promoting its content, entertaining its subscribers and engaging its community . The Netflix marketing strategy is therefore perfectly well established, and the company will probably continue to compete in ingenuity during the coming years!

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Once a year, the neighbors all get together for an impromptu meal, consisting of a buffet where everyone brings a dish to share, in order to make the moment as convivial as possible. Often, local traders also contribute to the meal. Today, the Fête des Voisins has more than 9 million participants in France , and many other countries have joined the movement: Japan, New Zealand, Quebec, Australia etc. Jadéclo’s advice: Suggest to your subscribers and followers to organize a Neighbors Party in their building (if this is not already the case) and to post their group photo as a comment!

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