This Event Is Widely Relayed on Social Networks Thanks to #worldemojiday

And the least we can say is that companies are having a blast! The BBC, KFC, Innocent, McDonald’s, Toyota, Spotify, Oasis… Many brands participate in this world day every year! The Jadéclo recommendation : ask your followers to comment on your post with their 3 favorite emojis! FRIDAY JULY 30: WORLD FRIENDSHIP DAY The origin of the creation of World Friendship Day is unclear. He is credited with either an American or Paraguayan origin for the date according to the history of the founding of the World Crusade of South Africa Phone Number List Friendship. The General Assembly of the United Nations decided and officially founded it on July 30, 2011, in homage with Paraguayan history, in order to promote peace and friendship between individuals, peoples, cultures and countries . Young people are in the spotlight on this day.

Considered as the future leaders of this world, they are invited to take part in community, multicultural and intercultural events in order to learn about different cultures and respect for diversity. The peculiarity of this day is that many countries do not celebrate it on July 30 . However, the tradition remains the same and requires that we offer bracelets, greeting cards or even make a phone call to our friends to remind them how much they are dear to us. The Jadéclo idea : Create a channel on your social networks by offering your community or your contacts to post a photo by identifying 3 of their friends. They will in turn have to post one and tag 3 of their knowledge and so on! To conclude :

Your July 2021 Chestnut Calendar Is Coming to an End

You now have all the cards in hand to prepare your communication and marketing campaigns! And if you haven’t already done so, quickly consult the general chestnut calendar for the year , where you can download your 2021 marketing calendar in PDF version! Sometimes a few words are enough to make them smile and tell them that we love them! The Jadéclo idea: Invite your community to pay tribute to all dads by sharing their fondest memories with them through texts or photos! To conclude : And there you have it, it’s over for your June 2022 chestnut calendar! Your turn now ! And do not forget to consult the general chestnut calendar 2022 of Jadéclo , the essential tool to organize your marketing and communication campaigns all year round!

Customizing the different feeds on your dashboard lets you organize yourself the way you want and build your own interface, You can view your scheduled publications in the form of a calendar . However, Hootsuite also has a few drawbacks: Regarding the management of Instagram accounts , to be able to connect your account on Hootsuite, you must first have created a professional Instagram account, and not a private one. You must also link this professional Instagram account to a professional Facebook page in order to be able to schedule posts, The interface of Hootsuite is not very intuitive compared to that of Buffer , which can sometimes discourage its users.

When You Schedule a Post on Instagram, You Can Publish Posts Containing a Single Image

Hootsuite does not allow to schedule posts containing multiple visuals, a disadvantage that is also found with Buffer. THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF BUFFER Buffer has chosen to focus on simplicity through its online programming platform. At Buffer, you can connect four different social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter . Once your social accounts are connected, your dashboard appears. This is in the form of a “queue”, depending on the different publications you schedule. Check out the Buffer dashboard and determine your preferred platform between Hootsuite VS Buffer! Buffer is often appreciated by its users for its ease of use .

You do not have the possibility to customize your dashboard, as is the case with Hootsuite, so you must keep the interface imposed by Buffer, You have all the information you need to be able to easily schedule your publications . All you have to do is select the social network, download the visual and write your post, it’s easy! This makes it easy for anyone, even people who are less familiar with social media, to schedule posts. However, the platform also has its share of drawbacks. Its dashboard can sometimes seem “too” simple for some users who would prefer to have access to more features, as is the case with Hootsuite, Unlike Hootsuite where you can reply directly to comments and private messages, this feature is not available on Free Buffer ,

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