such as an email helpdesk, live chat, and customer feedback collection software. But more simply, you might give team members the ability to offer customers discount vouchers or lower prices for a product. Within certain limitations, to retain the customer and keep them coming back.

10. Develop a reward, incentives, and team building plan

Another way to drive up performance is to incentivize your employees — essentially, adding goals for your team to meet that reward them directly. Good incentives should be memorable, benefit the entire team, and make them feel appreciated for all their hard work. You can also offer team-building exercises, with the caveat that ideally, they should be as enjoyable as possible for the Egypt WhatsApp Number List team and not something to dread. By giving them incentives and rewards for good performance. You help keep morale high and give team members something to strive for.

11. Create space for regular feedback from your customer service team

Finally, we come back around to feedback — only now, that feedback should come from the customer service team, not the customers themselves. This is another instance where you figure out what’s working and what isn’t — give your employees a chance to talk about the challenges they’re facing while trying to meet these new goals.

A vital part of any strategy is identifying where it falls short and adjusting accordingly. Every strategy has room for improvement and giving your team the opportunity to suggest improvements and point out areas where they might need more training or resources. You not only further empower them but help make them feel valued and respected.

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We talked earlier about addressing any skill gaps in your customer service team. This often means training — a word some employees and employers dread, but it doesn’t have to be a chore.

Thanks to the information age, there are more ways than ever to train employees on their customer service skills.


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