This obligation is a prerequisite for any lead generation!

International transfers of customer files closely supervised by legal regulations In principle, the transfer of files between member states of the European Union or parties to the EEA does not pose any problem. The 1995 directive also recognizes the possibility for states to transfer personal data to third countries provided that the “third country in question ensures an adequate level of protection”. Therefore, you need to make sure that the transfers you make meet this criterion. May 2018: legal regulations that tend to evolve The next European data protection Switzerland Email Database regulation (GDPR) will come into force in 2018. While the text incorporates most of the provisions currently in force, it also includes its share of new features: The principle of accountability Currently, companies that collect personal data are subject to prior declaration or authorization obligations with the CNIL.

The principle of accountability removes that. From now on, companies will have to put in place “appropriate technical and organizational measures” to comply with the regulation. Companies will therefore no longer have to make this declaration, as long as they can demonstrate that they have done everything to comply with European regulations in the event of an inspection. The application of European law to all actors processing personal data The territorial scope of European law will largely evolve in favor of a new extra-territorial application. From now on, non-European actors will be concerned when they process the data of European citizens.

In addition, the regulation states that from the moment you

Process data concerning a European citizen, you will be affected by the regulation. NB: the provisions of the new regulation remain, for the moment, theoretical. Their concrete application should be awaited by 2018. If you liked this article, check out our article on the new fields of application of the law or our white paper on the legal aspects of lead generation. Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information. Do not take into account data security It is desirable for the company to know precisely where the data will be stored as well as how it is saved.

This will prevent leaks which may prove to be detrimental in the future. Likewise, a great deal of data is generated during the service: telephone numbers, email addresses, customer files, etc. Have you thought about discussing who owns it? Do not assess all the hidden costs Most of the time you won’t have any problems, but always beware of unusually low fares, especially from overseas. You may find yourself having to pay fees that you did not anticipate. They can be of different types and generally relate to rental options. In short, you have to take the time to study them well to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Read our article on how to choose the right call center. Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information. The intervention and role of the lead manager Ebook Lead Management – Le Lead managerOne of the most important roles for a business is generating leads and converting them into sales. Discover the actions carried out by the lead manager in our Ebook Lead Management. This function combines the actions of the marketing department and the sales force. The challenge for companies is to ensure that the flow between marketing and sales is fluid and “seamless”. Marketing may focus more on the quantity of leads than on their quality.

While the final goal of the lead manager is to make them customers and not prospects. There may also be other problems. When marketing passes all leads to the sales force, salespeople start plowing all the leads to qualify them and sometimes discover the low quality of some leads. Sometimes salespeople get discouraged and run out of qualified leads who are ready to buy. A first approach in solving this problem for lead management is lead scoring, by prioritizing hot and qualified prospects. thescoring the leadis a process of ranking a lead’s level of interest and qualifying the lead based on a method agreed upon by marketing and sales.

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