This Strategy Can Also Be Applied In B2B Environments

By creating private groups intended for professionals. In this sense, an international survey by Microsoft has highlighted the marked preference for messaging in the world of work on the part of generations Y and Z, a fact that reinforces the role that this type of application can have in marketing. B2B. Formas de comunicación preferidas en el ámbito laboral The preferred forms of communication in the professional sector With the suspension of traditional trade Panama WhatsApp Number List shows and close physical contact limited for some time, B2B brands can leverage instant messaging applications to stay in the orbit of their target audience and communicate their expertise in a direct and accessible manner .

Instant messaging apps, the allies of post-COVID-19 digital marketing In businesses, instant messaging apps are often found in an area where the lines between digital marketing, sales and customer service teams are blurred. Whatever type of strategy is chosen for their management, it is a channel that will emerge stronger from the coronavirus crisis and which offers interesting communication possibilities that brands should consider in their digital marketing strategy.

Youtube Offers The Option Of Setting Up Possible

Impossible to ignore in-stream video ads , in which there are different options. They can, for example, be broadcast before (pre-roll), in the middle (mid-roll) or after (post-roll) the playback of a non-advertising video. They can be linear , covering the entire display space, or non-linear , appearing in an exterior area or in a partially superimposed module. Likewise, within the Google network, the video banner ads that are integrated into display advertising stand out in particular. These are HTML5 video creatives that can play automatically without sound, start when the user hovers or clicks the cursor. Other more specific options for exploiting video marketing as an advertising format on YouTube deserve special mention, such as bumper ads , very short ads, not exceeding six seconds, and intended exclusively for the mobile environment.

Una chica visualizes a video in su tablet TrueView for Action to boost MOFU and BOFU conversions When the goal is no longer to increase brand awareness, but to get conversions in the middle or lower part of the funnel (MOFU and BOFU), TrueView for Action campaigns on YouTube are one of the most useful video advertising tools. They allow messages to be superimposed on an in-stream video advertisement, adding calls to action, title texts and a final screen. TrueView for Action campaigns can be configured for two types of purposes: generating sales opportunities or driving traffic to the website. To determine whether videos posted on social networks or inserted in advertising campaigns are working as a source of brand awareness, it is necessary to monitor metrics such as the number of impressions and reproductions or engagement (volume of likes, comments and shares).

Using Css Offers A Fundamental Benefit To Retailers

And achieves costs per click up to 20% lower than would be achieved by advertising directly on Google Shopping without CSS. In this area, Labelium recently launched Feed Price, a pioneering CSS in Europe. Feed Price puts all the possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning at the service of campaigns for Google Shopping. EDUARDO AGUDO , ASSOCIATE PARTNER AT LABELIUM With Feed Price , the most complex e-shops will find the perfect solution for their paid search strategy on Google Shopping: a CSS that provides extremely competitive CPCs in combination with the expertise in PPC actions and in the management of flows that unites Labelium . A successful formula which has already convinced the big giants of distribution in France.

How does this change affect me? Google’s cookie management should not be of concern to us, but if we have cross-site functionality with other cookies, it is important to ensure that they meet the standard. Otherwise, some features will stop working. Important difficulties to take into account: Currently, the value “None” is not allowed by all languages ​​and libraries. In these cases, it must be declared directly in the header cookie. For more information, you can check the following Github directory . Some older browsers are unable to properly handle the “None” attribute.

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