This Type of Profile Tends to Transmit Information via the Sharing of Posts

Photos on their digital wall. Connectors are a Facebook user profile How to achieve this target? By offering media that encourage sharing and linking between Internet users: post where we must mention Internet users, provocative memes … To conclude : In view of the presentation of these different Internet user profiles, although not exhaustive, you should already begin to understand the profile of your own Internet users. Thanks to this, you will be Panama Phone Number List better able in the future to offer strategies and content that are likely to interest all of your Facebook and Instagram user profiles. Also, be sure to keep in mind that success doesn’t always mean commitment! As you now know, some profiles receive your message but do not interact with it.

Rather than redoing a new search on the internet, directly bookmark the websites that you visit regularly in order to narrow your path to access them. Also remember to look in your history when you want to return to a page that you recently visited. Finally, do not multiply the opening of your tabs! Close the tabs that you don’t need and keep only those that are necessary to reduce your energy consumption. Learn how to use your mailbox sustainably Sending an email with an attachment is like leaving a light bulb on for an hour . In the same way, let’s take the example of a company made up of a hundred employees.

All the Emails They Send Over a Year Are Equivalent to 13 New York Paris Return Trips by Plane

An emission of nearly 14 tonnes of CO2 per year. The energy consumption generated by sending and storing emails therefore represents a significant part of digital pollution. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do so that you too can do something for the environment! To avoid unnecessary emails , consider unsubscribing from newsletters that no longer interest you . This will drastically reduce the number of emails sent to you that you deleted without even opening them! Also regularly clean your mailbox by deleting the mails that you have processed and which are no longer relevant. If possible, try not to overload your emails with designs that consist of different colors or different fonts, as this will add weight to your email.

Finally, the installation of an anti-spam filter can be a solution to get rid of this spam! Clean up your mailbox to reduce the digital pollution you generate! And if you don’t have time to sort your emails, you can hire a company that specializes in cleaning online mailboxes. These are numerous on the market and will allow you to sort all your emails more quickly! Repair your devices rather than replacing them When your laptop, tablet or smartphone starts to show some failures, do you tend to buy new equipment? Well know that this is bad for the environment! Repair your devices rather than replacing them, it will reduce digital pollution! When your digital devices start to break down, it’s best to have them repaired by a professional .

This Allows Them to Be Maintained Over the Long Term and to Extend Their Lifespan

Therefore, only the grouping and cross-referencing of your statistics on your different media will allow you to attest or not to the success of your social campaign . But that will be the subject of another in-depth article. Likewise, prefer used or refurbished devices rather than brand new ones. When you choose to buy back new equipment and therefore throw away the old one, the old one is not always recycled. In France, in 2015, it was estimated that 4 out of 10 electronic devices were recycled . The other 6 being deposited in gigantic landfills with other waste … Unplug or turn off your devices to reduce their energy consumption In Europe, internet boxes alone consume the equivalent of the production of three nuclear reactors.

We use them for several hours a day, at home or in the office, but at night, these boxes remain on permanently and continue to consume energy. The best way to reduce this consumption is therefore to turn off your devices when you are not using them. This will not only allow you to do something for the environment, but also for your wallet, since you will reduce your electricity consumption! Likewise, don’t let your laptop or phone charge all the time. Instead, wait for your device’s battery to discharge completely before charging it . This will allow you to maintain and extend the life of your equipment and reduce their energy consumption.

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