Recently, there has been a lot on social media about a woman who often shows off her jewelry, her fate ends tragically. The woman with the initials U is known to often upload photos and videos about her assets.

In a video re-upload by the Dunia_kaumhawa Instagram account, it shows the woman posing for the camera using gold jewelry on her body. The gold jewelry used by him in the two video uploads is in different forms.


However, she uses complete gold jewelry from earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. U also often uploads piles of millions of rupiah on his Tikor account.

The viral death of U’s tragic death was first revealed in the Adamant Ramah Idea Facebook group. The post comment column uploaded by U about his new home was flooded with condolences to him.

Based on the information circulating, it is explained about the chronology of the death of the 23-year-old woman. U’s death is suspected to be motivated by family problems.

The Chronology of the Death of this Woman with the Initial

younger sister is known to have divorced her husband. The ex-husband asked to refer to U’s sister.

However, U’s younger brother Venezuela Phone Number didn’t dare to reconcile with his ex-husband because his older brother, U had forbidden him. The ex-husband asked U’s sister to run away but refused because his older brother would definitely look for them.

The ex-husband invites U’s sister to kill her brother and take her gold jewelry and money. U’s younger sister agrees to an invitation from her ex-husband.

Well, lets just kill that person, then well take the gold with that person’s money. Then his sister said yes, it’s okay,” said a netizen with the initial D, quoted by on Sunday (24/7/2022).

 Sister came to her sister’s house to take

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A bath in the afternoon. The arrival of this sister is evidenced by the upload of story U.

The sister at 10 pm asked to be brought home by her brother U’s husband. When U’s husband took his sister-in-law home a tragic event occurred.

Her sister’s ex-husband came into the house to slash U in the neck and ears multiple times. Not long after, U’s husband came home after dropping his sister-in-law.

husband was shocked to see his wife was dead. He immediately left the house screaming for help.

The ex-husband of his sister-in-law who stabbed his wife is still in the house. He sadistically also slashed U’s husband’s head.

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