Tiktok Company: Should We Get Started on This Network in 2020?

Do you know TikTok? The concept is simple: a mobile application for sharing entertaining videos, lasting from 3 to 60 seconds . If the video-sharing platform remains fairly used by the X and Y generations, it is the victim of an exceptional success and growing with the Z generation Encore in February 2020 TikTok was on the 2 nd place the free apps no longer downloaded from the Apple Store. Discover TikTok the Afghanistan Phone Number List fun video sharing platform! First launched in China under the name “Douyin”, the application was quickly renamed TikTok for the international market.

The video sharing platform then merged in August 2018 with Musical.ly to expand its user base. Today, more than 800 million users have invaded the network . According to a study by the company DataReportal , TikTok climbed to sixth place in the global ranking of mobile applications by monthly active users in 2019. Faced with this enthusiasm, more and more companies are deciding to get started. So TikTok and business, good or bad idea? What benefits could you get from putting your business on TikTok and what community management strategy to adopt on the platform? Before going any further, let us explain to you the interests that your company could have in establishing itself on the network in 2020.


More and more users TikTok is the trendy app for 15-20 year olds With its growing number of users, TikTok is the preferred platform for 15-20 year olds . The social network can therefore be a good way for companies to reach a young audience very connected to their smartphone. If Snapchat is well known and already used by companies for their communication campaigns, it is clear that TikTok could take precedence over Snapchat in the years to come. With over 655 million unique installs, TikTok is among the most downloaded apps worldwide in 2019 .

Don’t take yourself too seriously Before establishing a Brand Content strategy on TikTok , each company must bear in mind that the social network is first and foremost consulted for its recreational side. A real opportunity for brands that want to win the hearts of young users with fun content, such as inviting them to participate in “hashtags challenges”. Indeed, TikTok users do not consider branded content as disturbing as long as it is stimulating : users will not have the impression of being in front of a communication campaign, simply of being invited to to entertain.


First of all, unlike other social media, it is not necessary to create an account to access the content offered on TikTok. In other words, you just have to download the app to become a spectator of what is going on . With its signature “make every second count”, the only format used by the platform is video , lasting from 3 to 60 seconds. Authenticity! TikTok is considered to be a genuine video sharing platform. By establishing itself on social media, it is not the company itself which will be the author of its promotional campaign, but the users of the application.

It is thanks in particular to contests called “TikTok challenges” that certain brands have already obtained good results on the platform. For example, Haribo’s #MaoamChallenge benefited from exceptional virality: the seventeen videos posted by the brand on TikTok reached more than a million views and nearly 225,000 “ likes ” in just two weeks. TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps in 2019 on the Apple Store The proposed challenge was however simple: to sway to music while eating Maoam candies, as if the candies gave an irresistible desire to dance.

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