An example is Kodak. which with its PIXPRO SP360 allows us to have a 4K quality video. (see the following video using the W. S. A and D keys on your computer). One of the most moving examples in the entertainment industry is the Broadway play The Lion King . which you can also see on the YouTube platform at the following link. using the Google Chrome browser: In digital marketing. it can be used in various ways. such as creating brand equity content. branding activity demos or tutorials. or events as well. For example. the Tomorrowland electronic music festival . 5. Big data analysis (large data sets) Big Data is one of the marketing trends that cannot be ignored in 2017 .

Its analysis allows companies to improve personalized marketing strategies. customer segmentation. detection of sales opportunities. real-time decision-making. among other functions. In 2016. there was an evolution in one of the platforms that uses Big data the most: Linkedin . the social network that has 467 million users. According to Forbes magazine in Mexico. Big data has 3 challenges: the ability to analyze a large volume of information. the wide variety of sources such as photos. videos. sounds. posts on social networks; and the speed with which this data is analyzed. A real case this year in which marketing has applied this tool is in the insurance company Mapfre. in planning. analysis of service levels.

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Construction of predictive models. risk and Bolivia whatsapp number list analysis. with a ‘business intelligence’ certified by the company IBM. Conclution It is important to take into account these 5 significant events of the year that is ending. in order to start marketing strategies for your company in 2017 on the right foot. In addition. it is key to adapt to technological platforms and be aware of their updates. making the most of the information circulating through social networks that impacts thousands of users. All this. without forgetting that the current trend in terms of format is that of audiovisual content. A website is one of the most powerful tools that any business has to make itself known.

Bolivia whatsapp number list

But what happens when we give them a terrifying experience? With this selection (accompanied by some very funny gifs) we invite you to be very careful with several aspects that can spoil any effort to generate traffic to the site. making people want to leave it shortly after entering. Here are 13 things website visitors hate that can have a terrifying effect: 1. Pop-ups shocked.gif Without a doubt. this is one of the things that most ruins the visitor experience. Yet many sites insist on continuing to use this invasive method as a way of capturing subscribers (even though it can backfire). 2. Irrelevant information clk.gif The information on a web page should revolve around what a customer wants to know. not what you want to tell. We talk about things like your differential (why they should prefer you over other options). the clients you’ve worked with.

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Showing success stories and even testimonials. 3. Multimedia content that is activated automatically jck.gif If you want to make a visitor think they’re crazy. play a melody in the background. or better yet. have a video play automatically when they enter your site. To give this the finishing touch and best results. hide the option to disable audio or video playback. 4. Slow charging dsb1.gif No matter how well-designed your site is. or how user-friendly it may be. a slow load that makes them wait too long to see the content will ruin all of this. 5. Blog or outdated information lazy load.gif Nothing sends a worse message than having outdated content within your site. Things like contact information. the blog or the banners you display must be up to date.

Low quality images (or the typical ones that everyone uses). Many of us are already tired of the typical images. Of people with their fingers up and a smiling face that everyone uses. The lack of originality and low quality images are something. That will not go down very well with your visitors (especially if it is about food). Little contact information Although it is difficult to believe. There are still places where. beyond a contact form. it is difficult to find an email. telephone or address of the business that it owns. Even in many cases. It can be difficult to know what the company’s address is and in what city or country it is located. Design not optimized for mobile.

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