In the same way the Internet has led to the appearance of another cheaper channel in terms of advertising. but not therefore more effective or more credible for the consumer. Although investment in print ads. as in other traditional advertising formats. has been reduce due to the boom in the digital channel and the facilities it provides in terms of costs. this does not mean that the latter is in fact a better choice for brands. It just shows that advertising spend has had to be squeezed out of an ever-widening spectrum of options. Digital advertising is a complement to other forms of promotion. not a substitute As it is difficult for a brand to consolidate itself by being present in a single medium.

Be it digital or printed. it is usually necessary to combine two or more. This. in order for the brand to cover the majority of possible fronts where its public is. and thus enhance the impact of the media used based on the proposed objectives. Taking the above into account. and if you want to maximize your sales in high season. the following recommendations can help you ‘make the most of’ your print media. accompanying them with different actions and combining them with other media (such as digital media. for example). to increase its effectiveness. 1. Make your ad design seasonal Whether it’s Mother’s Day.

Run Your Ads At Specific

Halloween. or the holiday season. if you Croatia whatsapp number list your ad to grab people’s attention during those dates. it’s only natural to be in tune with the season. and even more so if your business has a strong link with the occasion. That is why. not only your local. fan page or web page must be in tune with the season; so should your ad. This means that the colors. fonts and images you use should allude to the occasion. but without compromising or going against the brand’s visual identity. In this article you can delve into some aspects related to the design of your print ads. while here you will find useful information about the copy and what it should include.

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Define the type of ad that best suits your needs Depending on the size of the company. The budget. the number of people you want to impact and the objectives. The versatility of the form allows you to create from advertisements in publications. To flyers or brochures that you can send directly to the place where people who are part of your contact base. Deliver them within your own establishment. Or in a specific area in which people relate to your customer profile spend so that the material is use to the maximum and waste is minimize. It must be taken into account that although thanks to the Internet it is possible to increase the impact of print advertising by including a web address or QR code.

And Decide How Often

It is important to consider that the useful life of a brochure . Nor is the use life of a newspaper advertisement that has a daily circulation. The same as that of a magazine or a directory that manage to remain in force for much longer. So before taking any action. Keeping things like the above in mind can help you better. Focus your efforts and make your print outputs more impactful according to your goals. Add a strong emotional component to the ad Special dates represent. For brands. a great opportunity to emotionally connect with people.

Therefore. avoid communicating your message in a cold way and try to appeal to emotions. But avoid using corny and trite phrases that seem to be taken from a gift card or the Internet. Instead. try to be as original as possible and communicate. Your message in a way that elicits an emotional response from people ( here. for example. you can see some examples. Of how brands are leveraging humor to create their ads printed ). Big brands often resort to powerful emotions such as fear. And in a certain way play with them to influence people’s purchasing decisions.

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