To adapt your strategy and prospect abroad ever more effectively

To summarize, prospecting abroad by e-mail is a very effective lever. You will be able to export your activity serenely and quickly. Before you start, however, it is important to define certain points. We think, for example, of the language in which you will communicate, the allocated budget or the strategy related to the release into production. Force Plus is an expert in prospecting thanks to its lead center which has generated leads for many clients. Regarding the export of activity abroad, you might also be interested in the question of the costs to South Sudan Email List be expected as well as the KPIs to follow . Implementation of a social selling strategy Social selling is a way to prospect new customers on social networks by developing a personalized relationship with each of them.

By interacting regularly with them (by private message, sharing articles, comments under posts, etc.) they will have time to mature their thinking about your offer until they are mature enough to become customers themselves. To be successful with your social selling strategy, you will need to truly personalize the relationship you have with each prospect. Otherwise, it will ring false and opportunistic very quickly. However, don’t neglect the time it will take you, personalizing each of your interactions is a very long process. It is therefore more relevant to generate few qualified B2B leads in this way, During this step, it is essential to define your target very precisely.

You need to know who you are looking to address:

what type of position, what geographic area, what type of business, what sector of activity, etc. This will avoid talking in a vacuum to people who are not interested in your content. It will also prevent you from falling into spam emails and no longer being visible to those who are interested in your content. Generate qualified B2B leads through an automated process … … By opting for advertising with the Campaign Manager option of LinkedIn Do you already share content regularly and want to take it up a notch? You should therefore be interested in the paid option with advertising.

LinkedIn has indeed set up an offer called LinkedIn Campaign Manager which allows you to set up 3 different types of advertising: Sponsored Content: pay for new or existing content to appear in your target’s news feed as regular content, with the inscription “Sponsored”. You just have to specify the target you want to target then the algorithm takes care of distributing your publication. Text Ads which are composed of an image (50×50), a title and a short description of up to 75 characters. Sponsored InMails which allows you to contact your leads via private LinkedIn messaging. …

By calling on an external agency You don’t want to take care of generating

Does qualified B2B lead yourself through LinkedIn? There are now external agencies that do this for you. Do not forget, however, the cost that will have to be granted. It is usually more interesting to take the time to create content yourself internally, from which you will reap the benefits in the long run. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry and need to generate a lot of leads quickly, this option may be of interest to you. … Using LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index tool Finally, we previously told you about setting up a social selling strategy manually. If you want to give more budget to this practice, LinkedIn has also implemented a solution to help you in this practice: Social Selling Index . Once again, even if you automate this task, remember to keep a minimum of authenticity by personalizing as much as possible each of your interactions with your prospects.

In summary, it is essential to be present on LinkedIn to generate qualified B2B leads. 90% of professionals being registered, you will inevitably find new clients to win over. To optimize your use of the platform and generate qualified B2B leads in numbers, you can opt for the manual or automated option. Whichever option you choose, remember that the main goal is to stay authentic. In a very competitive world, this is often the point that can allow you to stand out from your competitors.

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