Google AdWords has become essential for many companies. Currently. Google is the most used search engine in the world. while it is estimated that 3 billion searches are carried out daily. 80% of them through mobile phones. On many occasions. when we are interested in making a purchase. we tend to go to the Internet and use references: comments from our friends. the company’s website. social networks. etc. However. not infrequently we simply carry out random searches. according to our interests. before deciding on a specific product or brand. This moment is crucial. because through a digital campaign you can find all the users with similar interests to your brand and lead them to discover your winning service.

Sometimes a latent need is evident based on the type of sites the user visits. their interests and demographics. With Google we can take advantage of all these opportunities. 1. Focus the campaign on reaching your goals The first and most important thing is always to define the objectives. Google provides you with a variety of formats and placements depending on what you’re looking for: traffic to your website. impacting users who have previously visited your site. getting ‘leads’ interested in your product. or generating more sales. Depending on this. you will be able to select a format or define different moments of evolution in your campaign.

Remember The Importance Of Interpreting

Don’t forget that there are five key Armenia whatsapp number list to ask before you begin . If you already did. get to work! 2. Select the right network based on your goals Google has two ad networks: search and display. The search network is made up of and other non-Google search engines (such as AOL) that are associated with it. If you advertise on this network. you will be able to appear in the first places of the search engines . on any device. with those searches related to your keywords . On the other hand. the Display Network contains more than 1 million websites of different categories. related to Google: video sites. applications. blogs and more.

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Your ad may appear there as a text or banner ad. In this way. with AdWords you can create text. graphic or video ads and advertise on any of these sites and search engines. 3. Define the 3 key aspects: budget. time and segmentation These three elements are essential when developing your campaign. You must be very aware of your budget and adjust it to the campaign dates. Clearly define how much you expect to invest each day and you will have complete control over your money. Now. focus on the people you want to reach. consider the country or region where you want your campaign to be active. and write the list of keywords by which people will find you.

The Right Decisions

If your campaign is a display campaign . you can use other methods such as themes (Display Network pages on specific topics) or placements (specific pages that you choose manually). 4. Finding the keywords. an art At this point we have different tips to select attractive and effective keywords : Make a list on paper of those words related to your company or product. taking advantage of your experience in the sector. What are the words that visitors search for when they enter your web page? Take advantage of the results of the internal search engine of your site and discover a database with interesting terms. Lean on Google Keyword Planner.

There is a section there called ‘Keyword Ideas’ that will give you a selection. Based on different parameters: location. website. related keywords . etc. Go directly to the search engine and type a word or phrase that users will search for you with. The bar will display new ideas related to what you need the implementation of your strategy. The volume of searches is key in the choice of keywords. Those that for the Implement negative keywords. Words that you don’t want your ads to show for. Use Google’s advanced search commands.

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