To do this, all you have to do is search for your name on Google, for example

It is also relevant to check its performance (is its number of subscribers growing or declining), the quality of its community (does it buy its subscribers), etc. In summary To improve its notoriety abroad, several levers can be put in place, some free and others paid. Both its website and its social networks can be optimized. Acting on these two levers is ideal in order to boost the effects. Maintaining consistency across all channels is essential in order for Luxembourg Email Addresses maintain a certain harmony. In addition, it is essential to learn upstream about the specifics of the target market (search engine and social networks used in particular). Observing the behavior of your prospects is also essential in order to adapt the content created.

Finally, it is better to favor a market, the most important for the business, and to set up a global strategy. By launching into several markets at the same time, it will not be possible to Are you planning to export your business internationally? The following articles may interest you! How to prospect abroad through emailing? Exporting your B2B activity: what costs are to be expected? For more information, contact us to give a boost to your project, you will benefit from more than 35 years of experience! To complete our remarks, let us rely on a few figures thus showing the relationship between Generation Z and digital transition. 2h15 is the average time spent by this generation on social networks.

By way of comparison, Generation Y spends an average of 1h37 there

86% of students and workers have a LinkedIn account and 96% of them have at least one social media account. 31% is the number of Zs who closed their Facebook account following the Cambridge Analytica affair. Generation Z and the digital transition a generational divide stronger than the Y? Can we seriously say that the relationship between Generation Z and digital transition is causing a generational divide? Well we can say yes and no. Yes for the older generations and not for their elders (Generation Y). Because the Z despite their specificities are already in motion. However, we can already widen this gap, but we must not see things in a dichotomous way.

Due to their sensitivities and their value systems, generation Z is still revolutionizing this digital transition. Their commitments to brands being stronger than their elders. When we talk about the term generational divide, we often tend to oppose two worlds. A digitized and hyperconnected world and a world where the relationship between brands and consumers is ascendant. Therefore, when we talk about a generational divide, we often evoke the question of the use of digital. But today all generations use digital, it is only the uses that differ.

Just like Generation Y, the Zs are the engines of a change in mentalities

That are sometimes poorly accepted. If we make a sociological analysis of the question of work, Generation X or even the baby boomers had a subsidiary construction with their leaders or superiors who passed on their knowledge to them. With digital, this is changing and is already being accentuated by the first Z wave in the organization of work. This paradigm shift therefore leads to a generational divide. We are used through this blog to say that our daily actions have repercussions on our professional life and the vision of this generation is already taking shape in our models of thoughts around the relationship and the customer experience. Generation Z and digital transition what advances? Can we say today that Generation Z and the digital transition have correlations for technical advances? Well, from my point of view, it’s a bit early today to say that Z’s have technical correlation links.

However, this generation in recent years has changed a lot of line which has forced brands to adapt. Let’s not forget that one of the building blocks of Z’s DNA is the culture of instantaneity. They have developed this culture around the web and these ever-faster connections, but also via their smartphones and especially social networks. This generation has always had information very quickly. Whether with friends, with brands or simply for information, information must be quickly visible and understood. This culture of immediacy therefore brings many changes for companies which are: The introduction of chatbots and voice bot to communicate quickly with a brand via a site or by phone.

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