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Tontact us without further delay! Have an operational project manager accompany you to help you apply for a Covid19 grant. Contact us directly Homemade masks by the seamstresses of the village are also available on the site to facilitate the organization of the distribution, while waiting for the masks to be distributed by Nîmes Métropole. On the other hand, Marguerittes Confirnée will certainly have a sequel. Indeed, the platform has enabled many Montserrat Email List merchants to measure the benefits of this type of site. On average, the solidarity commerce platform records how many orders per day or week? More than 30 sellers, producers, traders and artisans are registered, mainly based on Marguerittes.

But the living area including Poulx, Cabrières, St Gervasy and Bezouce makes it possible to count some merchants neighboring Marguerittes on the platform. Several activities are represented with bakers, pastry chefs, plumbers, computer convenience stores, grocers, sellers of vegetable plants, beekeepers … About twenty orders pass through the site daily, representing an average daily turnover of around € 350. Very encouraging result given the exclusively natural referencing and the presence on only one social network without any paid advertising.

Following this experience, how do traders see E-commerce now?

Is an opportunity for them? According to the feedback from the merchants, the main advantage is that of supplementing their existing activity by adapting the platform to their mode of operation. The presence on the site with a showcase and an e-commerce catalog allows the merchant: First, to reach new customers. But above all to collect the prepayment themselves. Then to size its supplies according to the sales made online. Organize the provision of products at 1 point (drive mode) or home delivery. And quite simply to save time in the organization of its sales. Finally, making e-commerce platforms more accessible makes it possible to promote the establishment of short circuits.


And all of this with tailored financial offers that correspond to this activity. Have local communities approached you to duplicate the model in their territory? Yes, I was approached by several representative institutions (associations of traders, local communities). And they explained to me how to see through this type of solidarity platform a way of revitalizing semi-urban residential areas (“dormitory villages”) and rural areas. For example, for a town hall, putting an e-commerce platform within the reach of merchants currently absent from the web is a real asset that completes the organization of a weekly open-air market. What will become of the platform after containment?

Do merchants plan to keep their web presence on the platform?

Or if the platform were to disappear do they plan to continue the experience on another web medium? At first glance, the current platform is doomed to be ephemeral. But the good performance of online orders for a number of merchants prompts them to think about the next step. And probably by having a platform federated by their association in the long term. Then for other businesses whose product catalog changes very often, it will be necessary to create tools that will allow them to be autonomous in updating their catalogs. Finally, other merchants have discovered the possibility of setting up a drive.

And finally without too many constraints (caterers, pizzerias…). The stake will then rest in the development of automatic systems perfectly adapted to the particularities of their operation. The difficult economic context that awaits us following the health crisis will require the implementation of tools, the costs of which will have to be adapted to this difficult economic environment. Are you interested in setting up this type of web project ? As you may have noticed by reading this testimonial, a local online sales site allows the merchant to continue to serve their customers.

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