Create useful and quality content . be active on social networks or apply SEO techniques . and provide pre- and post-sale customer service. I know these tips and thoughts will be of great help to your business and will make you think about how to sell smartly online . Do you remember any other guru who has a great thought and wants to share with us? The news from yesterday. from 10 hours ago. and even from 1 hour ago. is already an old story. Today. technology allows information to flow immediately. and we are increasingly aware of what is happening in real time through our mobile devices (tablets. laptops. cell phones).

We are aware of both the breaking news about a presidential election. as well as the birthday celebration that he was unable to attend. During 2016. various launches were made on social media platforms and audiovisual techniques. on the experience of approaching reality with which marketing was aligned. It is important that for the year that begins. your company takes into account these tools to attract their respective customers. 1. The launch of Facebook live and live reactions. This Facebook tool with live streaming from any Smartphone allows all your friends to see the activity in real time. According to Marketing Directo magazine . mobile advertising accounts for 82% of its total advertising revenue.

A Widely Used Strategy

Thanks to its commitment to the live Benin whatsapp number list format. In addition. Live reactions (emoticons that show what emotion the content produces. Accurately measure the user’s feeling regarding the content. Experience according to Money magazine shows that people comment 10 times more during a broadcast in relation to ordinary videos. For example. the famous food chain. McDonald’s. landed on Facebook Live thanks to the artist Bevin. who captured Big Macs for consumers to see his paintings. Additionally. Bevin showed how to paint a quarter pounder with cheese and a Big Mac .

Benin whatsapp number list

The video reached 884 thousand individuals in 40 minutes. with approximately 43 thousand interactions. achieving a great reach for the brand. 2. The launch of Instagram stories . This Instagram tool allows your followers to view a 10-second video or photo. which will disappear after 24 hours. A platform very similar to Snapchat that is now used by SMEs and micro SMEs. One of its applications in marketing is the expectation in an audiovisual platform that can be generated about a product or service. According to the Direct Marketing portal. 48% of millennials say they are aware of this new tool. and 53% say they access Stories content at least once a week. the same frequency with which 27% publish content.

If You Haven’t Decided

An example of an application is represented by the Freeletics brand of high-intensity training. which uses the tool by publishing small videos with daily exercises for its followers. In the same way. the portal Marketing surfers . affirms that E! News . the Hollywood celebrity newscast. provides its users with a daily summary of the latest “gossip” of the famous. 3. Augmented reality and the launch of Pokemon Go Augmented reality came to combine physical and material elements with virtual ones through technological devices. Pokémon Go. is the game that consists of capturing virtual monsters as if they were in real life. It is a pioneer in geolocation. making the user move around the city to find different Pokémon.

On the first day it was open to the public. $4.5 million was raise. Augmented reality applications can be use for a myriad of promotional activities such as online search. tourism. and mobile marketing . An example of this is the Converse Sampler app where you can see how the shoes. That the user chooses look directly on the feet. through the camera. Video on the 360º platform and its reproduction on. YouTube This format allows you to observe the 360º of the moving image that is generate in a video. Believe it or not. it’s not that hard to record. Whether with specific cameras or with some other gadget. We can make video of a high visual quality.

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