To sum up, there are many advantages to getting into lead management

This makes it possible to acquire new customers for little money, awareness is improved and the conversion of leads is easier. There is also a real competitive advantage as well as a very positive ROI. Setting up a lead management strategy is therefore interesting for everyone, but not just any old way. Monitoring the KPIs relating to this strategy is indeed essential in order to measure its success or failure. Indeed, in the event of failure, it is essential for Nepal Email List to be aware of it in order to immediately adapt the actions taken to improve the situation. In addition, monitoring KPIs allows you to know where you stand in relation to the set objectives.

No step is to be overlooked, Is lead generation a real issue for your business? Contact our experts to determine the actions to take to become an ace in lead management. The fact that technical characteristics are predominantly dominant in research tends to confirm that the future lead will first find out about the air conditioning product he would like to buy before calling in an installer or looking for it from a distributor. This point is a real paradigm shift in HVAC marketing. Before, companies’ marketing strategies pushed distributors and installers to recommend their products to future users.

Today, prospects turn to their installers or distributors by prescribing the products

They have already evaluated on the internet. Google has de facto imposed a 180 ° reversal of the direction of the prescription. Few brands of HVAC stand out in internet searches Searches mentioning brands represent only 9% of total queries. This relatively low% reflects either the lack of knowledge of brands by prospects and future users, or the lack of differentiation between brands in the eyes of these same prospects. In view of the communication budgets of major brands, this finding is probably frustrating because it would tend to prove that communication ultimately has little impact on HVAC lead generation. However, 17 HVAC brands are mentioned in Google searches for the air conditioning industry .

The 12 most cited brands represent 95% of searches. The top three brands are Daikin, Mitsubishi and Darty. Moreover, the latter is a distributor and not a manufacturer. Its communication around air conditioning is almost exclusively on-line with content marketing that often allows it to be firmly present in the first ranking pages of Google. Always in relation to brands. Average CPC is not correlated with search volume but rather with brand awareness.

The average CPC is 1.00 €, there are nevertheless big variations between

Samsung (2.80 €) and Panasonic (0.80 €). Which Google searches generate the highest cost per click (CPC) in HVAC? The case study on the calculation of the cost of a lead in air conditioning was first based on the calculation of an average CPC for major categories of queries made on the Google search engine. The analysis confirms that the more words used in the query signal a strong purchase intention, the more the CPC reaches important price points. There are however exceptions (brand, location) that suggest that marketing managers can make trade-offs in their on-line marketing strategy, by abandoning certain overly expensive keywords in favor of others which are “good deals.

The most common search criteria are: Brands – Average CPC € 1.00 : HVAC brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Atlantic,… are mentioned in the request. With an average cost per click of € 1, with exceptions like Samsung where the CPC reaches € 3. The price – Average CPC 1.66 € : when looking for a price in the request, the purchase intention is a priori very strong. The CPC is therefore higher, around € 1.66 Location – Average CPC € 3.03 : the cities in the south of France and Paris are the only ones requested with an average CPC of € 3.03. Product characteristics – Average CPC € 1.00 : 58% of searches mention characteristics such as “reversible”, “mobile”, “split”, “silent”.

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