That includes including key elements like full contact information. an updated “About Us” section or company description. and a summary of the products or services you offer. And contrary to what many believe. the first thing customers want to see is not the price. According to the survey. 86% of buyers first seek information about the products and services offered by the brand. 64% say they are interested in finding contact information first. while 52% look for a description of the company or the well-known “Who we are”. 2. Take care of the details but don’t forget the fundamentals Making a positive first impression is only the first step in convincing a customer.

Beyond a suitable design and eye-catching tools such as videos or image galleries. customers want to find basic information : product prices. user opinions about those products. delivery times and conditions. and details about technical support. Prioritize these items so that the customer can easily find them without having to search for several minutes. Remember that the important thing must be in plain view as that can be the hook that will determine if a potential buyer leaves or stays. 3. Social networks and blogs are good tools. but they are not the only ones Currently it is essential for a company to have corporate accounts in the most relevant social networks for its audience.

Take Advantage Of Video

And even most businesses have already Albania whatsapp number list the importance of including a blog within their marketing strategies . But the mission cannot end there. What was previously considered new is now taken for granted. so it is necessary to deploy other actions and not be limited to the already traditional Facebook and Twitter. Keep in mind that a company with a strong and forceful digital presence impresses much more and inspires more confidence. 4. Shoppers don’t trust websites full of distractions When it comes to trust and credibility. clarity wins over detours. Remember that on the internet. patience is an almost non-existent gift and when a visitor feels that he is wasting his time.

Albania whatsapp number list

He does not hesitate to run away. The truth is that some website plugins can be very nice. flashy or original. but if they are not really useful or if they do not help in a concrete way to present the company or products. it is better to avoid them. That includes intrusive chats. animated advertisements. popup windows (that appear on the screen unexpectedly). auto-playing videos or audios. etc. 2-10.png Nearly half of those surveyed said they would discard a company’s website if it fails to clearly communicate what it does. And specifically. 42% said they would leave a website if it had annoying animated ads.

Has The Information Has

Entered a website that promises gifts or discounts that later turn out to be a fraud. Prizes that are not as good as advertised. downloadable material that does not meet expectations. Surprise conditions that appear out of nowhere. are just a few pearls that lead to disappointment. Specifically. some companies promise things that they do not deliver in order to obtain valuable personal data from buyers. The famous forms that we must fill out to “win the prize” or “access the benefit”. 6. Complement your website with information that demonstrates the quality of your product. Keep in mind that the current buyer usually does some prior research to choose the best option.

That is why it is recommended that your website include complementary information. Such as comparative lists between your product and other similar ones. Success stories that reflect its good performance or positive reviews from previous clients. These ingredients will help build credibility through real results and provide evidence that can convince undecided buyers . Every new year brings with it changes. expectations. challenges and several issues to attend to; In addition. there has been much speculation in economic matters and companies are waiting. For the latest definitions to set their budgets. adjust them and invest; For this reason.

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