Have you ever wondered what are the best questions for selling? Rick Roberge, who has spent his career training high-level salespeople, has asked this question! So here’s our adaptation of the Top 100 Questions to Sell! We know that successful sales are a matter of words. And choosing the right words at the right time isn’t always easy. So here is a list of essential questions that can help you cover just about any situation. Some of these questions are Ecuador Email Address daring, others may seem absurd (“?”), But they all challenge! Moreover, we are preparing a small pdf for you to take to a meeting or to share internally! Coming soon ! 100-best-questions-sell The 20 best questions to sell “Did I miss something?”

“Am I the first person you talk to about this?” “Do you think we’re done”? “Would you like to rule the world or just make some money?” “Are you ahead or behind your competition?” “Are you alone on the spot?” “Will you be as demanding when we work together?” “Are you in contact with the right people?” “Are you ready to retire?” “Are you serious?” “Are you the market leader?” “Am I pissing you off?” “Can we talk about something else for a second?” “Can you repeat ?” “Am I going too far?” “I said that ?” “It worked ?” “Did you or someone else do it?” “Did you learn that during your studies?”

“Do you have a smartphone?” Other questions to sell

“Do you have buyers, customers, members, bosses, users or whatever?” “Do you know what to do, or don’t you want to do the right thing?” “Would you recommend someone unconditionally?” “Are people saying ‘no’ to you?” “Everyone is in agreement ?” “And does that work?” “Do you care what your employees think?” “Did you ever miss a sale that you thought was safe?” “Have you ever been told you are awesome?” “Is it new or has it been a while?” “Have you thought about retraining?” “You thought about resigning” “Did you think about closing?” “How am I supposed to react?” “How do you tell you without embarrassing yourself?” “How did it happen?” “Have we met?” “How did you hear about me?”

“How did you enter the market?” “How long do you think you can stay in the market if nothing changes?” “How many clients do you have?” “How many clients have recommended you?” “How are you going to choose your partner?” “How would you respond?” “?” “You haven’t mentioned any problem in [domain]. Is everything going well?” “I think I’ll let the opportunity pass.” “I’m not the right partner for you, am I?” “Am I sorry I’m monopolizing the conversation? Your turn to ask me a question.” “Is that all?” “Is it a test?” “Does this concern me?” “Are you enjoying this?”

“Is it your hierarchy that controls this?”

“Is your business on an upward, downward, or stagnant slope?” “I don’t agree, do I?” “I’m trying to ask you questions to find something to talk about, but I can’t. So can I conclude that life is perfect?” “Can I ask you a question ?” “No really ?” “And now ?” “Truly ?” And we continue “If you doubled your business volume in 3 months, would you get there?” “Tell me more!” “It won’t work, will it?” “Usually at this point I feel some synergy, but not now. Do you mind if we stop there?” “Was that your idea?” “What do you mean ?” “What do you mean by what I say?” “What do your customers call you?” “What do your family think about it?” “What else have you tried?” “What happens when you do nothing?”

“If I asked your boss, what would he say?” “If I asked your wife, what would she say?” “What if I told you I can’t do this?” “What if it was free?” “If you had a magic wand, what would you do?” “What would you do in my place ?” “What is the question behind this question?” “What is the process now?” “What’s the worst that could happen?” “When was the last time you worked with someone like me?” “What did you expect ?” “At what point in the process do you lose them?” “What’s the priority?” “Where should you be now?” “Where do you want to start?” “Who is your best salesperson?” “Which supplier do you prefer?” “Who is your biggest competitor?” “Why is this happening?”

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