Are you a new blogger and looking for inspiration to make money with Google AdSense? Are you confused about choosing the right blog topic and not sure what topics to blog about to get the most out of AdSense? You are in the right place. You are going to learn about 7 of the best Google AdSense earners in India who are making a lot of money using AdSense ads on their blogs.

Google AdSense is still popular

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Although almost all top bloggers and marketers have stopped using AdSense ads on their blogs (including Darren Rowse of, Zac Johnson, Daniel Scocco, etc.), the biggest dream of the majority of bloggers is to earn money with AdSense.


Especially new bloggers start their blogs hoping to get more out of AdSense. If done right, in less time, AdSense can give you recurring income Poland Phone Number every month. And Google always pays its publishers no matter what. These are the main reasons for the survival of AdSense.

Let’s also discuss the topics they cover on their blog, the money they make from AdSense (rough estimate), and the blog owners who run the blog. Are you interested in knowing more?

Important Note: Some of the blogger earnings in this list are estimates only. Most bloggers usually do not reveal their AdSense earnings reports to the public. So I did my best to determine the AdSense earnings of each blogger mentioned in this list. All of them are actively using AdSense and generating huge income every month!


Without much ado, here is the list of all the top bloggers with maximum Google AdSense earnings in India.

  • Google AdSense is still popular
  • Top Bloggers in India with Highest Google Adsense Earnings
    • 1. Amit Agarwal,
    • 2. Srinivas Tamada,
    • 3. Arun Prabhudesai,
    • 4. Jaspal Singh,
    • 5. Nirmal Balachandran,
    • 6. Rahul Bansal,
    • 7. Harsh Agrawal,
    • FAQs | Google AdSense revenue
    • Final Thoughts on Bloggers with Top Google AdSense Earners in India

Here’s how AdSense works.

Google AdSense is a publishing platform where blog or website owners display ads on their sites (putting a maximum of three ads per page). Every time someone clicks on these ads, you earn a commission.



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